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Saturday, June 07, 2008


An obsessed right-wing supporter of Webdiary’s liars and fraudsters has been making a nuisance of him/herself at this site with a constant barrage of childish comments about myself and some other Webdiarists and former Webdiarists. In the main I simply delete these comments or switch on the moderation option when I’m not at the computer.

Here’s an example of this persons handiwork:

Damian Lataan is a con artist liar and deceiver.
He censors comments from people who disagree with him.
He is guilty of the things he accuses Jenny Hume of!
He is a hypocrite, who's credibility is in tatters.
His puerile [sic] behaviour is certainly unbecoming for the supposed academic that he is!
Pathetic really.
I will continue to let people know of this sham [sic].
My comment may only appear for a few minutes before it is deleted, other times (as I will continue to post at various times) it may be up longer.
Rest assured I will not give up the good fight to expose this fraud!

This self-important coward prefers, not entirely unexpectedly, to write anonymously.

1 comment:

Craig Rowley said...

How's this for hypocrisy:

The anon., it seems most likely, is Kathy Farrelly.

She's spent much of the past four years or so engaged with other "Harry Heidelberg" groupies trolling various blogs and trying to bully those who they object to (usually those who do engage in a genuine effort to expose the truth).

Jenny Hume becomes her friend.

Now Hume says: "If you truly care about other human beings then you will think about how your abuse of people on line might hurt vulnerable people, and what sort of example you are setting others."

Yet applying Hume's logic, it's clear that Farrelly cannot "truly care about other human beings" because Farrelly demonstrably did not consider the effect of her trolling over the years on vulnerable people.

I wonder if Hume is a sufficiently good friend to Farrelly to see and act on the need to point out to Farrelly the effects of her mindless (druken) and heartless trolling activity over the years.