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Sunday, June 15, 2008


Apparently President George W. Bush, the worlds most despised man judging by the amount of security the government of his closest ally, the UK, needs to provide him on his ‘farewell tour’ visit to Britain, and which for most people is more like a ‘good riddance tour’, wants to get Osama bin Laden before he finally leaves office.

Never mind that he’s had years to do it in and now all of a sudden it’s important. It wasn’t that long ago that Bush was telling neocon Fred Barnes and the world that ObL “was not a top priority use of American resources”. Perhaps that’s why Bush is asking for British resources to handle the job instead.

It seems it’s not about justice anymore, or about trying to put an end to the war on ‘terrorism’; it’s all about George W. Bush and him wanting to go out on a high note. However, he has a problem. As most of the world now knows, bin Laden doesn’t exist anymore accept as a figment of the imagination of the West’s dumb and gullible that have succumbed to the neocons propaganda that has for years attempted to perpetuate the myth of Osama bin Laden and al Qaeda (with branches now everywhere). The reality is; bin Laden died years ago with his death widely reported even in the mainstream media.

Just after 9/11, Bush saw to it that bin Laden became the worlds most despised man; now, it is Bush that is the most despised man and no one cares anymore about the long dead bin Laden – except, of course, megalomanic lunatics like Bush who still actually imagines that the world is grateful for what he has done to it.

History will not be kind to Bush nor to those other Western leaders that supported his lies and fed his wars and ego. There will be no bin Laden ‘to get’ and Bush will remain forever the most despised and delusional leader the world has ever known.


Kathy Farrelly said...

Oh.....I don't know Damian.. Omar al-Bashir and Kim Jong(to name but two) would give him a run for his money, I reckon.

Damian Lataan said...

I doubt that most of the world would have even heard of them, let alone despise them.

Anonymous said...

My Name is George Bush, my ass will turn cold any hotseat.
My dad worked the CIA drug cartels,
my GrandPa helped fund Hitlers Nazi's.

FEMA, Katrina, Guitars.
I'm laughing, chest bouncing and dancing with the stars.

My name is George Bush, and I am the USA's honest broker by sword.
What that means is American's are the most stupid, self-induced blind and laziest people in the history of the free world.

America lives in a fantasy, it's media has gone hollywood for the big bucks.
And the George's will retire hauling away dead shrubs in the back of a pickup truck.

-America Must Be Crazy

Great idea for a movie title.
George Bush running around in a desert with nothing but a guitar(Cheney hi-jacking schools in Waco) and a dorky politician that gets nervous around transvestite journalists.
(and a tribe of male CNN actors, all wearing glasses, fullbodied lime green G-String bathing suits , cowboy hats and boots and British singers trying to score on them and pick them up.

In the end, Bush finds his way home (only to have a quick close-upshot of "lead foot Laura"'s smile and a shot of her foot pressing down on a gas pedal as George is about to come around a corner)

Oh, and George also throws the terrible evil toilet paper roll into a giant sewer plant tank.

michael said...

With the genocidal assault on Iran, the world's civilizations will dissolve thru nuclear fires in which countless hundreds of millions will perish, and no record of their ever having been will exist.

In such a dispirited world with no future ahead of it for a century to come, the traumatised remaining populations will not be wanting to look to make George Bush accountable, not so soon after, at any rate.

But when some sort of provisional governance is established regionally it will initially have drum head courts to bring to some order feralized desperate populations having had all the certainties of food, fuel, shelter, medical care and security removed at a stroke.

Slowly will also form the idea that never ever the like must happen again, and that all the principals who ceaselessly pushed for war for years must be made examples of, and there would be at least 1,000 of them, who were prominent in the just destroyed civilization, who can easily be identifed through having been prioritised to escape for survival in deep underground well provisioned shelters until those above ground had mostly died off from the usual slew of war, and aftermath of war, related reasons.

Survivors, though, will be waiting patiently at all the entrances to such shelters, and will be of mind to shoot everyone who emerges, as they emerge, irrespective of age or gender, which would include all of the extended intergenerational Bush family - including George, as the understandable reasoning will be that if there were not these luxuriously, then taxpayer, funded bolt holes to keep the perpetrators and their cronies and all their families alive through the nuclear war and it's aftermath, and in comfort, then there would have been plenty of incentive for all of these people - including the families - to mightily do absolutely everything in their power to prevent the rush to war with Iran.

And indeed, their minds would have been focussed keenly on preventing the assault against Afghanistan and Iraq, as people at that level would have quickly worked out that 911 was designed to kick off the inexorable process to WW3.

An alternative to shooting the priveleged survivors as they emerge from their superbly appointed shelters, and which had been stocked with many months of provisions, will be to simply wall up the entrances with impenetrable rock mounds, confirmed with new inviolable law on pain of death, that the shelters are not to be opened for 1,000 years.

To conclude, if George Bush wants to save his entire extended family, he had better not attack Iran as post nuclear holocaust the scenario above likely will prevail. He could, however, just this once in his life do something brave and save his entire extended family; do no more war - but face a war crimes tribunal next year, alone.

Craig Rowley said...

G'day Damian,

Reading Baxter's article (thanks for the link) brings to mind the increasinly routine MSM references to the use of "drones."

I dread the day some “completely sanctioned” drones are used on us.

Damian Lataan said...

It's just a matter of time Craig. Slowly but surely we're being 'conditioned' to look at targetted killings as an acceptable practise of ridding oneself of the states enemies. The down side of course will be the day when those 'enemies' have the same technical capacity to launch targetted killing operations against Western leaders. It's OK for 'us' to kill 'them' but just listen to the West squeal like stuck pigs the day that 'they' start to kill 'us' in this way.

Anonymous said...

oh, god. we dream of the day bush and his neocons are dead and gone.