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Friday, June 06, 2008


Craig Warton, the delusional right-wing lunatic who actually believes that a person he knows successfully taxied out to the end of a runway in a light aircraft, took off, completed a circuit, landed and then taxied back, all without any assistance and without having had any actual flying experience and having only had lessons in a simulator, has returned to Webdiary to cast more lies. And, what’s more, he says he’s proud of it.

I have over 43 years of flying experience and have met and had the pleasure of flying with several outstanding young men and women who were naturally gifted pilots with many of them having had sophisticated simulator experience before getting into the real thing. However, every one of them needed at least five hours of flight training before going off on their first solo. There is no way that any person with only flight simulator experience could have done what this delusional lunatic claims.

Craig Warton indeed, as he concedes himself, is an arch liar.

As for deceiver; his latest post at Webdiary is proof of his propensity to deceive. He has attempted to imply that I and others that used to post and comment at Webdiary are Holocaust deniers. There may well have been holocaust deniers at Webdiary, but I wasn’t one of them despite Warton’s crude attempt to make it seem I was. This is a blatant attempt to deceive Webdiarists.

I should also remind Webdiarists that it was Craig Warton, supported by that other liar and fraud, Jay White/Paul Morrella, who pressured Kingston into banning any discussion on the most historical events of the Twenty-First Century. Margo Kingston then caved into these lunatics as well as to the threats on her life apparently from Zionist interests.

Webdiary has become a home for liars and fraudsters. Parsons/Ramsey, White/Morrella, Dylan Kissane, and now Craig Warton. One has to wonder who will turn up next.

Webdiary has become a joke. Margo Kingston has become a fraud sucked in by liars and manipulators.


Craig Rowley said...

Did you see Margo Kingston's "advice to all"?

It was:

"... go with the flow, assume good faith, and ponder the content, tone and style of your comments to maximise the possibility of authentic communication."

I saw it at lunchtime yesterday. So, I submitted a comment then. It contained one simple question addressed to Margo, which in essence was this:

Would you please explain how you conclude that a person who had declared that his intent was to "remorselessly ridicule" particular 'diarists he'd targeted was taking a "good faith" approach to debate on Webdiary?

Obviously there's nothing in that question in breach of the Webdiary Ethics or other rules Margo had made much of in the past, but it has not been published.

There are a couple of possible explanations for it not being published after more than 20 hours.

1) Another moderator marked it "HOLD for MK" and Margo either hasn't seen it yet or has seen and is not publishing my question whilst she takes her time composing a reply.

2) Another moderator or Margo herself actually marked it DNP (Do Not Publish) despite it being acceptable comment when assessed against their own published rules.

Either way, they really should drop the words "Transparency" and "Accountability" from their motto.

Damian Lataan said...

It was the 'assume good faith...' bit that got me Craig. Pure hypocrisy. There is no 'transparency' and she seems to be only 'accountable' to the right-wing that have threatened her.