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Saturday, June 07, 2008


Jenny Hume’s latest post at Webdiary provides a classic demonstration of this person’s gross hypocrisy. She writes: “It is sad that adults use the net to try and bully those whose opinions they object to.”

The supreme hypocrisy, of course, is in the way that Jenny Hume herself is the person guiltiest of using ‘the net to try and bully those whose opinions she objects to’. It was Jenny Hume that manipulated her friendship with Margo Kingston to ban discussion on the events of 9/11 based simply on the fact that she objected to some of the opinions that would have been presented.

She goes on to say: “Webdiary is the only site I bother with, not because it is a coward's site”, (which it clearly is since she knows that those who she is referring to are unable to respond there) “but simply because by and large you get rational debate here on a whole range of important issues with people of undoubted intellect participating.”

This is pure nonsense. Hume, together with the fraud Paul Morrella/Jay White, the delusional liar Craig Warton and others at Webdiary have made it their business to ensure that a range of some of the most important issues of our time cannot be rationally debated there.


Craig Rowley said...

Yeap, Jenny Hume's a stand-out hypocrite.

Recall there was the time when she tried her hand at being a troll, hiding behind the name "Hyacinth" to target and insult others.

Damian Lataan said...

The real Hyacinth would probably choke into her Royal Dalton tea cup if she but knew Jenny Hume was taking her name in vain!

Anonymous said...

"It is sad that adults use the net to try and bully those whose opinions they object to. It reflects badly on the character of the people concerned. And what is surprising is that often those same people try to afford themselves such attributes as compassion and concern for others in this world, when their very writings tell the opposite."
The very true words of Jenny Hume.

An apt description of con artist liar and deceiver Damian Lataan.

His hypocrisy is breathtaking.

He censors comments from people with whom he disagrees.

He is a man of great integrity???

One wonders why Lataan is so afraid of those who speak the truth.

Craig Rowley said...

The frequency of exclamation marks suggest "anonymous" is Kathy Farrelly. No doubt, you will have you noticed her overuse of them, Damian.

Damian Lataan said...

As I've said before O Anonymous Obsesseive Loon, I never censor reasonable argument; I always delete crap. If you want to hurl insults at me then feel free but don't come here to do it - start your own blog sunshine.

This one stays just to show readers the kind of crap that you put up in defence of liars, fraudsters and manipulators. All future comments from you will be deleted unless it contains reasoned argument.

Craig Rowley said...

This is how hypocritical Jenny Hume is:

She's says, "It is sad that adults use the net to try and bully those whose opinions they object to."

Yet she had her friend Fiona Reynolds censoring my comments on Webdiary (despite them being totally acceptable against WD's published rules) because she insisted I make an undeserved apology to another of her friends. Fiona was even calling me at home to tell me to comply with Hume's demands.

The friend of Jenny's was Kathy Farrelly, who has trolled many blog and even boasts about it. She'd apparently been offended by me pointing out the troll mothering role she'd been playing to support Warboy Warton when he'd been trolling, getting nasty, being personally abusive and bullying on the net.

So Jenny Hume is a stand-out hypocrite; no doubt about it. But it would be fair to say she stands out there with a few others.

Damian Lataan said...

But... But... But... Farrely said she'd never visit my site again.

I think you may be right Craig now that you mention it. These people are all cast in the same mould. They can't help themselves. They hide behint anonimity, false names and flat out lies. It must be some kind of syndrome peculiar to the right-wing; an overwhelming need to lie and deceive.

Anonymous said...

You yourself are the liar, fraudster and manipulator!!!!

Stop your lies about decent people like Jenny Hume, Craig Warton, and Fiona Reynolds!!!!

Then I will discontinue posting.If it were fair comment about these people that would be fine. However you are not telling the truth Damian.

If you were, you would not be bothering to censor comments from myself or others!!!!

As for Craig Rowley?
No shit Sherlock!!!!!!!!!!!(spits)

Craig Rowley said...

If I was to designate one of them as "Arch" then it would have to be David Davis aka "Harry Heidelberg."

That bully is still trying to torment Jolanda Challita after what must be 4 years of his facilitating a "ganging up" by his groupies to remorselessly ridicule her.

Craig Rowley said...

And Kathy Farrelly [spits] is right in there viciously attacking a mother who's clearly very concerned about her children.

Why do you do that Kathy?

And why all the childish crap about how "cool" it is to booze on when blogging?

Is it your idea of fun to get pissed and then troll the web to spit abuse at people?

Damian Lataan said...

Seems you were right Craig. Another fraud exposed!

Anonymous said...

Well Damian, you may delete my comments as you wish, but I will continue to expose your hypocrisy.

Again I pose the question to you Damian.
Why are you so afraid of the truth being told?

Why do you feel so threatened?

Why do you feel the need to censor and censure those that you do not agree with, and accuse them of the very things that you yourself are guilty of?

Damian Lataan said...

The only thing you're exposing Kathy is your own stupidity.

Anonymous said...

Call me Kathy if you wish . It appears that one of your deluded minions has brilliantly deduced that I am Kathy Farrelly. Who am I to shatter his delusions. Or yours for that matter.Whatever floats your boat.

Whomever I am, it matters not.
I am hear to tell the truth about you Damian. That is what really matters.
Now, how about some answers?

Craig Rowley said...

Now the latest anon. comment, with its particular punctuation errors, would seems to possibly be from someone different to the other anon.

Was it from a different ISP, Damian?

Damian Lataan said...

Sleep it off Kathy. You shouldn't get on the keyboard after a liquid lunch; you only end up making a fool of yourself - as usual.

Craig Rowley said...

C'mon cowardly anons.

Why not show you've got a shred of integrity by not hiding your identity when you try to insult people.

Damian Lataan said...

It's definitely Farrely; no doubt.
I'll just delete her nonsense from now on as it comes up. I've got better things to do than pander to this loon.

Craig Rowley said...

Yes, better things there are to do.

Like examining Olmert's plan to launch a ground assault on Palestinians living in Gaza again.