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Monday, June 09, 2008


It’s been a year since Hamas asserted its rightful role as the democratically elected government in the Gaza Strip after corrupt Fatah forces there had unsuccessfully tried to usurp Hamas’s governance of the Palestinian enclave. Hamas’s victory in the January 2006 elections was not recognised by Israel or the US, the two nations on our planet that scream loudest about the necessity of democracy in the region. Instead, they ensured that the corrupt Fatah organisation under Abbas took control of Palestinian affairs, a move that, while successful in the West Bank, was unsuccessful in the Gaza.

Ever since Hamas took control of the Gaza, the Israelis have hounded the Gazan Palestinians, in many cases, literally to death through bombing and denial of basic health access. Hundreds of men, women and children have died through indiscriminate IDF helicopter gunship and strike fighter aircraft attacks on the densely populated Gaza Strip. Tens of thousands more are suffering through the lack fuel and other supplies. Scores have died through not being allowed to leave the Gaza for proper medical treatment. Homes have been demolished and much of what little productive land remains that is able to provide food has been bulldozed bare by the Israelis. All this has been in an effort to dislodge Hamas from their position of governance. In short, the Gazan people are being collectively punished for having had the temerity to exercise their democratic rights voting in a government that the Israel and the US do not accept.

In an effort to stem and deter the Israeli attacks on the Gazan people and their government, Palestinian fighters have launched crude and largely ineffective rockets against Israel, acts that Israel simply uses as an excuse for even more attacks against the Gazan people.

During the past year the Israelis have threatened to launch a full-on invasion of the Gaza to oust Hamas from power using Hamas’s futile rocket attacks against Israel as the casus belli for such an invasion. Ehud Barak, the Israeli Defence Minister has on countless occasions threatened such action but, as yet, has not carried it out despite Hamas and other Palestinian fighters continuing to launch their rockets against Israel.

Israel has always sought to justify anything they do militarily by telling the world that they are merely acting in response to acts committed against them by their Arab enemies. They rarely strike openly without trying to find some excuse to justify their crimes, even if it is one that they have had to invent for the purpose.

As the USS Liberty Affair and the Lavon Affair has demonstrated in the past, the Israelis are not above committing crimes themselves and then deflecting blame for those crimes onto others in order to get other nations to help their fight wars with them or, better still, for them. Nor are the Israelis above getting non-Israeli Diaspora Jews that support the Zionist dream to work toward those ends. Jewish-American neoconservatives whose loyalties to Israel are stronger than their loyalties to the US together with their non-Jewish supporters have orchestrated and manipulated US governmental affairs over the last eight years in such a way as to benefit Israel. As a direct result of the 9/11, a crime that is now increasingly being questioned with regard to who the true perpetrators were, has resulted in the US launching an all out propaganda war against Islam. It also provided the casus belli for an attack against the peoples of Afghanistan where Israel says its enemies hide, and it also provided the casus belli for the invasion and destruction of Iraq, a country led by Saddam Hussein who financially supported the Palestinian cause but had nothing to do with 9/11.

Iran is now the only nation left that is powerful enough to stand in the way of the Zionist’s dream of a Greater Israel that includes the West Bank, the Gaza Strip, the Golan Heights, the Shebaa Farms and south Lebanon up to the Litani River. Without Iran to supply and support Syria, Hezbollah and Hamas the Israeli Zionists believe that their dream of a Greater Israel can be realised.

All they need is an excuse, a casus belli, to attack Iran but it is something that they cannot do alone; they need the US to do it for them. Hamas in the Gaza may just be the fuse they need to ignite their final confrontation against Iran. By attacking Hamas, Israel knows that Hezbollah will likely come to their aid by launching rockets against northern Israel. This, as in the last war against Hezbollah in Lebanon, will be the excuse the Israelis need to launch an all-out attack against and an invasion of Lebanon. The first sign of any Iranian weapons being used by Hezbollah against the Israelis will be all that is needed to launch a deadly aerial bombardment campaign against Iran designed to force capitulation and regime change.

The on-again-off-again threatened attack against Hamas in the Gaza that could well spark the final confrontation between Israel and Iran and drawing in the US is being threatened again.

The world should make no mistake about what is happening. Hamas and their hold on the Gaza are being used by the Israelis to provide the launch pad for their final confrontation with Iran. As the window of opportunity closes as Bush’s presidency comes to an end, the threat of such a confrontation has become more urgent.

It’s just a matter of timing now – and time is running out.


Anonymous said...

Israel and America have been doing alot of business with the devil.
How they can still claim God is on their side After all the deceptions and death they have causedi is beyond insanity.

Two drunks from power and no way out.

michael said...

I have read of govt assassins using pistols which did not have the serial number stamped at the factory, and are discarded at the scene.

So, why would Iran take out of stock ordnance and weapons which have on them their standard local factory of origin identifier in addition to the type and model character set descriptives and pass them onto Hezbollah ?
It maybe a case of using English language descriptor sets of words as to type and model only, of the ordinance and weapons to ensure untraceability.

We were told that Hezbollah sent thousands of Katyusha rockets into northern Israel in July/August 06 which gave Israel no choice but to obliterate Lebanon's civilian infrastructure, as somehow the Lebanese Army chose not to keep Hezbollah in check, or so the Israelis said.

Israel's real target, unstated, was both Iran and Syria and not Lebanon. It was believed by Israel that Syria, with rising anger at the outrage being perpetrated on its neighbour, would intervene against its better judgement as it watched Lebanon being wantonly trashed and many of its people simply brutally murdered because they could not get out of the way.

The ploy here was that as there had recently been a mutual defence pact signed between Iran and Syria, it was hoped that when Syria came in on the side of Lebanon in an attempt to shield it against the Barbarism that is Israel, then Israeli retaliation against Syria would bring in Iran, and that would bring in the US - Israel's bovine best friend, which was the plan all along.

All the forgoing was to say that the Katyusha rockets apparently could not be traced to Iran, for had they been, there would have been no end to evening news displays of their Iranian origin - and a short cut to the casus belli sought by Israel.

Where, then, did they come from ? And as there was no suggestion that they were unmarked Katyushas, it may be concluded that they didn't exist, and as there was no way to independantly verify the daily stories of attacks by Katyushas, it may be concluded that the Katyusha attacks were entirely a Israeli media invention.

The same can be said of thousands of Qassam rockets allegedly fired by Palestinians from Gaza into Sderot. Fiction. Entirely a Israeli media construct serving as the pretext for periodically killing a few dozen Gazans at a time, and otherwise make conditions unbearable the rest of the time.

Very occasionally Israelis will send from Gaza the occasional Made in Israel Qassam for video purposes, which will fall on some empty field, and even more occasionally, every few years, they will allow one of them to actually kill or injure one of their less than worthy citizens, for western media consumption.

They really are in a bind, these huff and puff Israelis, as they desperately need more war and want the US to do all the fighting, but the boogey men of WMDs and related ploys have been exhausted of all credibility over Iraq. A false flag is being keenly expected by huge numbers of hitherto trusting people, and will be exposed as such very, very quickly, making the war against Iran rhetoric difficult to sustain. Stillborn. Or if Bush is determined to be `Presidential` in his last and most monumental act of folly and launch first and explain later, he won't get away with this last of his brazen crimes as it could happen that people will say`Enough !`, and spontaneously march in their millions on Washington with tar, feathers and rope.

Historia said...

How interesting that noone mentions Russia which has also signed a treaty with Iran. If USA does attack Iran - what will Russia do?

Anonymous said...

Russia did something that America should have done long ago.......anyone working in and serving the Russia government should not have double citizenship.

That is what America should do! ISRAEL, fight your own wars, you are not worth spilling American blood. NO DOUBLE Citizenship in the American Gov, ONLY AMERICANS! AMERICA FIRST,SECOND and THIRD.

Barbara Diamond said...

Not just Russia. Frankly, I think Russia can be bought to keep them on the sidelines, but what about China?

Look at a map of the Middle East and Cental Asia and you begin to see what the Chinese generals and their hard ass leadership see- the geopolitical encirclement of Red China. China is being boxed in from Northeast Asia, Southeast Asia and now Southwest Asia. And remember, they need that oil, too.

Oh, I think China will definitely get involved militarily even if it's in the tradition of arming, and training the indigenous populations of the region similar to what they did in Korea and Vietnam.

They're already in Africa.


Anonymous said...

but Barbara, China has strong zionist ties.Ever wonder why the Israelis sell US technology to China despite the ban? Or why Kissinger did the deal sto et China out of the cold officially? Or why so many zionist/jewish factories like say Walamrt are all happily producing adn polluting in China ?

Money goes around. There have been strong influence in the ME by Jewish business that can be used by zionists since the 1800s. It is just as strong now.

China collapses economically if it's cheap goods cannot be bought. It is intermeshed. Can it withstand the pain in the cause of maintaining soveriegnty adn will locally set up rebellion cells("democracy " ala flower revolutions of Soros in Eastern Eu)be containable?

Perhaps the deal to guarantee oil from Kurdish/Kazakstan regions via THAT pipeline(hence AFghanistan war adn Iraqi takeover) helped happiness in Beijing earlier, but I wonder if doubt on ability to deliver is starting to set in.

As Russia is a stable supplier to those who do not go against it's interests I suspect China would be hesitant to do so.

Sars ,which showed the Cantonese vulnerability ot a bio weapon , now probably linked to the HINI , is another consdieration.

Russia and China .

Annie Sourris

Anonymous said...

Hey damian, interesting discussion on
the linked site webb diaries.

Damian Lataan said...

Yes, I have been keeping up with it. Angela, as always, is on top of her game, though I've noticed that the Zionist apologists and professional propagandists, the frauds Ramsey/Parsons and Alan Curran, have decided to gang up on Marilyn.

Personally I can't see the point in having a site like Webdiary where its primary aim now seems to be to simply let extreme right-wing propagandists distract and disrupt otherwise reasonable debate just to see who can get the better of who as though its some kind of gladatorial left-right arena designed to entertain rather than progress toward a better society. Why give these fraudulent right-wing propagandists space to pedal their sick crap. A day or two ago Alan Curran actually said: "As for ethnically cleansing the natives [meaning the Palestinians], I don't think they [the Zionist Israelis] have finished the job yet."

And Kingston and co allow this racist garbage to be published on their site in the name of so-called 'free speech' and 'open debate'. Let them create their own blog to peddle their sick crap and leave Webdiary for proper debate as it was intended.

URdyingNUrSsleep said...

I think we would be remiss if we did not look at the whole picture. This would not be a war with just Israel and the United States. Iran is in bed with many countries, only the obvious being Russia, China, North Korea, and Syria. There are many in Iraq that would support Iran, including Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Venezuela. Venezuela scares me the most because we are a sitting ducks with Venezuela and we have allowed China and Russia to set up factories there without due diligence. How much are you willing to bet that those auto factories aren’t retro fitted to produce weapons? Russia is very smart. They will probably lie low until after the smoke clears and then to the victor goes the spoils. Maybe we had better make Chinese and Russian mandatory subjects in our schools.

Anonymous said...

turkey military are on bed with the israelis who allow supply of their toys all to do with the MIC. Israeli nuke capable planes use their airbases.
There may be a military coup in Turkey if there is any question of the removal of NATO/EU plans or US alliance (ie Israeli protection) etc.
there is also the huge drug money from such traffic through that may be risked.

Forget Turkey,.

Iraq is wavering on the US bases to launch attacks(and Israeli planes there too) into Iran. there is 50 billion at risk in US banks.Iran would have to match US stability guarnatees and the money and the military timposible with time and US deterioration.Time......Iran's ally.

Saudi is Iran's competition for hegemonyin the region and allied with teh Cheney Sunni black ops crew via Bandar(usually a Prince so that such black alliances can be dropped when inconveneint , with teh Prince involved).

if Saudi and Iran came to strategic agreement it would be very econmically powerful buit not militarily and all the military power group swould not want such, They would need to ally with one of the major military power group Russia, NATO, or China to protect their assets. Saudi is already targeted by Wolverwitz/Woolsley group so wary of US at present adn wisely so. Israel would never allow such acendency one the current princes mother's origins becomes irrelevent in the next generation.

Israel is pitting Saudi/Jordan against Hezbolah/Pal/Iran but this is a dangerous game as both sides know what must happen when such a game is over, the real one begins.

King Abdullah has great wit as do the Iranians and one advantage is the arrogant racism of the opposition doesn't always alow such. Are they as ruthless? Naive to say no.Both have seen how the western media is superberbly controlled and even the simple speech made by the Iranian presdient aimed at the western populations was manipulated and mocked by the media.Both know that the achilles heel of the est is their populations's values and horror at what is done in their name, if they only knew.

That is the most humane way to fight this war.

thus the internet will need to be shut down as nothing has been so dangerous as the information sharing this has provided for the otherwise blinded western people.

Personally, Damian, what do yo think about 911? Could you write here what your working theory is?

it has a huge influence on predictive analysis, what really happened on 911.

As an example;
IF Bush cabal planned 911 ,say as a hijacking exercise, with their previous drug running agentAtta(not real name) and agents within leaked such to Neocon interests. Actual event is changed slightly(?explain the change in direction of the first plane and late turning off of the beacon). Lewin the Isreali comando on one of the planes is quite a coincidence.
Suspect gas to kill all on board with back up phone tapes to cover, no mistakes nor heroics,and then remote flying .If it was hijacked the stooges can be left in teh cockpit for visualisation rweality as "HomeRun " in the boeings once activated turns off the Beacon and takes dominant control of all flying adn cannot be turned off by the cockpit adn stops the tapes recording in the blakc box. Lewin type agent may even have left the plane. teh signal transmission if b remote is important to garner who was involved.That may be the role of the white plane seen.

Facts that cannot be explaine dby simple hijacking is the colapes of the buildings. If the evidence supports controlled demolition then one must allow a hypothesis that includes what that means, It would need a 48 hr period without security camera before hand. Yes.Who organised that?
It would mean setting explsives adn tricgering. Easy ut people would hear such....Yes.
It would mean profits for the leasees who had just finished negotiating the insurance and had a meeting that morning at the top floor with the NewYork Port Authority executives who were hassling to make them remove all the asbestos as millions of bucks cost.
Didn't go to that meeting did they?
Did the PA? they would be dead if they did.

why no show? why Idigo warning?

So if an original plan was changed by a foreign group who wanted this false flag to implicate another group and get a billions profit at the same time,had the acess, had the seucrity cover of the airports, had the technology (zakheim) , also ahd a little 3trillion buck hole to hide(Zakehim)then on emight suspect such were involved and the original plotters woul dnot be pleased by such shaming and blackmail control and taking their Damn False flag. Waht chutzpah.

How pissed would the original group
be under the thumb(we control America) , hopping to every demand,and little media threats about 911 breaking every time someone starts to look too independent.

If I were Gates adn I were a true bush player (does Bush one have any loyalty there to israel?Or the other way around)I would happily let Israel attack Iran and let Iran blow them bakc and then the other way and then step into pick up the peaces. Ultimate revenge, And also start up the Liberty and Lavon affair , maybe as movies first,and then a Nakbar movie and then the spy trials of AIPAC adn Meiring etc, and oh my gosh we were tricked into a war for Israel etc......and thenfinally, once any evidence of their original plotting is dug out and removed, in for the Dov Zakehim remote control and twin/WTC7 explosives adn evidence and the Cheering documentors of 911.

Israelis would know this. yet they stagger into it.Why?

Love to read your 911 Opus Magnum. Bet it will be top of the blogs but dont wait too long as shut down will probably come with Rudds new filters for child porn at ISP level.

best wishes Annnie Sourris

Anonymous said...

Ah sorry Damian, my spelling was poor then ,in a rush now.bye AS

Damian Lataan said...

Hi Annie. Best book yet on 9/11 stuff is David Ray Griffin's, "9/11Contradictions: An Open Letter to Congress and the Press", (Olive Branch Press, 2008). It has ALL the answers and is fully sourced and referenced. I would urge everyone one to read it; a real eye-opener.

I'm still working on my piece but Griffin's work is a hard act to follow!

I've found that the clincher for most people who have recently started to doubt the government story has been the WTC7 collapse which most had never even heard of. As soon as they did, they knew there was something very wrong and when the look into it they no longer have any doubts that there is lot more to the story than the government is letting on and they want to know why!

Anonymous said...

thanks Damian, shall see it .
I think the Odigo message system is hard to explain too for some.
and the passport fluttering down(lol) and the will in the luggage of the same plane he was meant to fly into a building(lol).

Did you hear the transmission of 911 emergency band regarding another van with a bomb and an explosion? So many questions...

I guess if they can get away with killing a president, his brother and his son then they can get away wiht anything in such a corrupt national executive environoment.

Buchanan has recently posted about USSLiberty, quite an alarming collection of file data. recollections and reports from people interviewed.

If Americans ever really considered the total implications of Israel deliberately attacking the USS LIBERTY(and intending to leave none alive either) near the end of the 6 day war, trying to blame it upon Soviet backed Egypt, then I think the Libyan guy(quoted in buchanan's article) would have been right and history would change completely.

Can anyone say the word escalation (with your pal fighting your battles for you after you secretly hit him badly)?

Yet now it is called 911.


Annie S