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Thursday, June 05, 2008


In an article today in the neocons comic ‘The Weekly Standard’, Jonathan Schanzer, director of policy for the Jewish Policy Center and ex-Treasury intelligence analyst, [sic] has deliberately lied saying: “The majority of Americans do not wish to end a just war before it is won.”

This is pure nonsense and a flat out lie designed to deliberately deceive the reader into believing that the majority of Americans are in favour of continuing the war in Iraq.

The reality is something completely different. A recent poll shows that some 67% disapprove of the way Bush is handling the situation in Iraq while some 62% think that going to war with Iraq was the wrong thing to do in the first place. When asked: “What should the United States do in Iraq: withdraw all troops as soon as possible, or, set a timetable to withdraw troops gradually, or, keep troops in Iraq as long as needed?" only 28% of respondents said keep the troops in Iraq as long as needed.

If I were an American my faith in Schanzer as an ‘intelligence analyst’ and the credibility of any organisation he worked for would be utterly shattered. He can’t do basic research, which makes him a lousy analyst, or he’s just a flat out liar – like most neocons! And, of course, any remaining crumbs of credibility that ‘The Weekly Standard’ did have have also gone out the window.


Anonymous said...

Did you think that you would get rid of me that easily Damian, you liar and deceiver.

He who claims to believe in free speech, but censors comments from those who disagree with him.


Damian Lataan said...

Nothing is ever censored. Crap is always deleted. If you've got something to say then say it. If all you want to do is insult then go and create your own blog and insult away. If you wish to argue with me that The Weekly Standard hasn't lied, then do so.

The liars and deceivers are the neocons at The Weekly Standard. I have presented evidence that proves it. If you have rebuttal evidence than provide it.

But if all you can do is come out with the sort of childish crap as above then forget it. I will delete your garbage. Come out with decent argument and it stays.

Anonymous said...

People who read trash like the "weekly standard" are the same poeple who watch the flinstones and believe they`re a real family.

michael said...

The very fact of not mentioning Iraq in that statement is itself the confession that he knows the war against Iraq is not just, and reveals his penchant for a weasly turn of phrase directed in the service of deception on Israel's behalf.

A psychological trick of deliberately leaving the war unnamed to catch the unwary into unconsciously rebadging an existing unjust war to just.

Btw, Damian, this logging on business is unbelievably cumbersome, especially as it treats each contribution as if from someone who has never logged on.

Damian Lataan said...

Thanks Michael, I'll see what I can do to make life less tedious when trying to comment. Unfortunately at the moment I have some loon obsessed with this blog and what I say (see above) who seems to spend his entire pathetic waking hours wanting to spam this blog. Takes all sorts!