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Saturday, May 31, 2008


Sorry; it seems I got that wrong. It should have read:

IDF fires into crowd of 3000 Hamas protestors at Gaza border – World couldn’t care less”.


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Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Don't worry. Words getting around Hell that the Jews are burning more and more bibles in public making Hades demons restless with delight. The lowest regions of the abyss know this will mean God has been forced to either obey the jews and ignore what Jesus died for or punish them before they can finish the devils details.

It has to be obvious now to the most average American jew worshipping idiot that they have turned , once again, against God.

Anonymous said...

And those damn bad tarroristestosteronies dropped well over one half of a used cluster bomb on the crowd as well!

dogismyth said...

all the world is a fantasy with your make-believe savior and gods...

you give up so much in this world because you believe the next life is the fiefdom of your dreams.

you who believe are afraid of life and death, and your life is guided by fear, myths and senseless faith.

you are a result of brainwashing, focused propaganda, incompetence and no confidence in your own intelligence.

I hope YOU all get what;s coming to you.

Anonymous said...

All those "international community" ziojew terrorist rogue states will also get what they have coming, sooner or later, that is a certainty. Hopefully then the citizens of all those countries will reclaim their lands, hang their criminal politicians from ropes, and we will have something resembling peace and stability.