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Tuesday, May 27, 2008


According to the Murdoch owned ‘The Australian’ newspaper, “Iran continues to defy UN demands to suspend uranium enrichment and has yet to disprove allegations that it was pursuing nuclear power for military use.”

First off, one should be quite clear about who is demanding what from whom here. It is the US and Israel and their allies that are making the demands in order to isolate and demonise Iran as part of their propaganda and rhetoric campaign to gain public support for ‘regime change’ in Iran. The UN has only gone along with their charade simply to buy time and not give the US and Israel the excuse they are looking for to bomb Iran into ‘regime change’.

Iran has no legal obligation in International law to suspend uranium enrichment at the demand of anyone. As a signatory of the Nuclear Non-proliferation Treaty (NPT) and in accordance with Article IV of the NPT, Iran is quite entitled to pursue the science and technology required for nuclear enrichment for peaceful purposes such as power generation. It is true that under Article III of the NPT that Iran does have certain obligations to demonstrate that its nuclear program indeed does exclude the pursuit of nuclear weapons. But, despite years of accusations from Israel and the US that Iran is pursuing a nuclear weapons program, the IAEA, the UN nuclear watchdog, has not found a single skerrick of evidence to suggest that Iran is doing anything other than developing its nuclear program in pursuit of nuclear power generation.

All the IAEAs latest report does is tell the UN that Iran is continuing with its peaceful development of nuclear enrichment, as Iran, regardless of US or Israeli or even UN demands to stop, is quite entitled to do. The IAEA has still not found and evidence whatsoever to suggest that Iran is enriching uranium beyond that which is required for power generation. Iran’s seeming intransigence is simply borne out of refusing to bow to Israeli and US threats.

‘The Australian’ says: “Iran… has yet to disprove allegations that it was pursuing nuclear power for military use.” The reality is that Iran has disproved time and time again that it isn’t ‘pursuing nuclear power for military use’, but time and time again, the same old accusers, the US and Israel, continue to make the same old tired allegations.

The quicker the world wakes up to the fact that the only nation in the Middle East that is a nuclear threat to the rest of the region is Israel the better. Our world and the region would be far better served if the world community through the UN and the IAEA investigated Israel’s nuclear weapons capabilities and demanded that Israel surrendered its nuclear weapons. The UN should be listening to what the peoples of the world have to say, not what the US and Israel demands.

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