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Friday, May 23, 2008


I notice that Margo Kingston’s Webdiary has chosen to publish a piece written by the academic fraudster and well known liar, Dylan Kissane, and fellow traveller Andrea Charron.

The piece glaringly demonstrates Kissane’s hypocrisy. He writes: “The real threats to international peace and security are no longer confined to violations of state sovereignty for which the UN collective security system was created,”

This is gross hypocrisy coming from Kissane considering that he whole-heartedly supported the US and its allies, including Australia under Howard, as they violated, in defiance of the UN and the peoples of the world, the sovereignty of the Iraqi state.

Their hypocrisy is further exposed by Angela Ryan’s response to Kissane and Charron’s post when Angela Ryan points out the many, many, other disasters and human miseries that the peoples of various states around the world have had to endure mostly as a result of US and their allies inaction due to these events not being in their interests to actually do anything about or not having been politically expedient for them to act upon at the time.

Kissane is a cunning manipulator who has the propensity to lie and cheat in order to get his fascist message across. Margo Kingston is aware of Kissane’s lies and his fraudulent ways yet still chooses to publish his work. One wonders how much influence Kingston’s brother, Hamish Alcorn who, like Kissane, is also a neoconservative and who has an equal propensity to lie, has had in allowing this piece of neocon propaganda nonsense to be published bearing in mind that this is the same Hamish Alcorn who is a signatory to the neoconservative front organisation, the Euston Manifesto, and the same delusional Hamish Alcorn that thinks that Stalin was actually a communist simply because he led the so-called ‘Soviet Communist Party’. (One wonders where in Alcorn’s mind that leaves Hitler who led the National SOCIALIST German WORKERS Party!)

It’s up to the peoples of the world to confront ALL of the woes of our world – not just the selected ones that the likes of liars and fraudsters like Kissane think should be confronted to suit their own political agendas. His piece is pure opportunistic hypocrisy that abuses the plight of suffering peoples for political ends. And a once admired Margo Kingston sinks further into the abyss of hypocrisy.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps the decision by Webdiary to publish that post was more probably a case of desperation for new content.

Bob said...

G'day Damian, I thought you'd have something to say about the decision to ask a known lying propagandist to do a thread. Of course, from Reynolds' latest effort, honesty is not the point, it is we who are in the wrong for trying to push WD in a particular ideological direction. Well, that's one way of dodging the issues I have raised.

I have provided evidence to back my complaints - and those complaints have always gone to dishonesty in various forms and the efforts of some to disrupt and derail discussions. I have also supplied evidence of WD management coddling a certain element and allowing them to continue on their dishonest and disruptive way. Yet no direct response has been made to my charges. Instead we have a post on WD where I cannot directly respond. Add cowardice to WD management's dishonesty. "Ideological direction", ho hum. Try an honest discussion of issues without recourse to lies, abuse and disruption.

MIght be time to have a look bvack over old emails to find some more interesting material.

Damian Lataan said...

G'day fellow bloggers,

I apologise for having been a bit slack lately in keeping up with this moderation bizzo. For some reason the emails from blogspot telling me there has been comments that require moderating have not been getting through to me straightaway. Somehow there is a delay between commentors commenting and me being told that someone has commented. Maybe its best to just to go back to open comments and delete the crap.

Anonymous, I suspect you may be right but it's more a case of simply running out of stuff they WANT to talk about rather than stuff they NEED to talk about but won't confront because they are too frightened of upsetting the middle-of-the-roaders and the right-wing!

Bob, I'm afraid Fiona Reynolds is about as devious and manipulative as the likes of Kissane and Kingston. The really big issues that need to be discussed clearly are just too much for these small-minded people to get their heads around. Truth, integrity and honesty fell by the wayside long ago when they began to knowingly entertain liars and fraudsters and bow to the threats of the right-wing.

Bob said...

G'day Damian, I regret that I once considered Reynolds a friend. The one consolation about that is that it was she who initiated the private contact, which she said was due to her regard for what I did on WD. As I have previously revealed, Reynolds deliberately undermined me to coddle one of the lying mouthpieces of the lobby. Afterwards she sought forgiveness - but that did not prevent her from repeating the treatment.

On the matter of Kissane's piece - note the comment "... so I turned to Webdiarist Dylan Kissane to ask whether he could put something together ...". Why ask a known lying propagandist?

As far as Reynolds' and moderating - she used to ask me my opinion on her editorial comments. That was before she became a director and things changed. One could say that FR has caught the spaceship to Planet Margo. They create their own reality out there.

Damian Lataan said...

Bob, I think Fiona started out with every good intentions but somehow has been well and truly sucked into Planet Margo as you suggest. I must say she was the last person I thought who would have allowed herself to be sucked in thus - I thought her intelect was far stronger. Like the rest of them, she has simply caved in to mediocrity, the burying of heads into sands that block out unpalatable truths, and resorted to entertaining liars, frauds and propagandists.

Very disappointing!

Anonymous said...

HI Damian , am not sure I would use Margot's name so freely as the problem Margoland etc.

I haven't yet seen anything to say she per se subscribes to what happens. I see no probem with differing views from editors. i do note how weird it is to exclude the talent of Bob and yourself while allowing that idiot Eliot who misquotes and claims his links says things it doesn;t etc...Is he a real idiot or just pretending really well? why are people so zionist when such has caused so much harm in the world? Are they sucked in or deliberately along for the ride?

Most other jews I know are fed up with the racist racket and the violence but too scared to stand up and say enough of this evil racist genocide. Some are brave enough adn they get whcked as a message.

Anyway, who would want to live in the ME anyways??? Here and the States are gorgeous!

Cheers, stand up for the undergod , he heeds it now.

annie sourris
ps this photgrapher fellow seems to have a lot of eastern suburbs support suddenly, hmm, wonder if he will indeed get charged!

Anonymous said...

Oh and those tow you are talking of probablyjust want the next spot in the AEI panel after that liar Kenyan woman goes.
You kow, not all of us started out on the right side of the argument, give them a bit of space and they may even see what they are actually promoting.

Damian Lataan said...


I’ve had a few dealings personally with Margo and I’m afraid that Margo really is the problem and that it is she that has created Margoland – not her editors. I don’t have a problem with people who have differing views. I do, however, have a problem with those who are dishonest and abuse their position hypocritically and I also have a problem with those who knowingly allow these things to happen – which these editors do and who I know do so at the behest of Kingston personally.

Despite the best efforts of a lot of people, Webdiary has degenerated into a mindless blog that has the same old right-wingers endlessly turning over the same old predictable garbage while the real issues that beset the world get left far behind.

As Iran gets bombed into regime change one can almost guarantee that Jenny Hume will revert to once again waffling on about how dry her farm is!

As for the controversy over the photographs; there’s big money in art, and, as we all know, sex sells, as does controversy. Add the three together and you can’t lose. It’s that which the photographer is relying on. Personally I think it’s distasteful but then I think invading someone’s country and killing hundreds of thousands of their inhabitants is also distasteful. I guess it’s a matter of priorities.


Bob said...

G'day Damian, I concur with your take on the situation at WD. And Annie (G'day) when Margo returned a year ago she expressed her displeasure that C Parsons had been deregistered and one "Eliot Ramsey" appeared within days of Margo's returned. One and the same and MK ignored the representations of this and has allowed him to continue on. She did make the concession to me that CPER would not be allowed to address me - after I had expressed my disgust that he would be allowed to get away with such deceit.

As to CPER and pretense and the Zionist issue - just observe where his various dishonest and disruptive tactics are most frequently directed. And it seems Roffey's ban on the "map meme" has bitten the dust as CPER has tried it on again. At least Richard had the decency to refer to "interpretation".

Good on Jimmy Carter for giving a number to the Israeli nuke stockpile but hypocrisy has never troubled Israel so the warmongers there will continue on their way. Are there enough people like Uri Avnery to stop them? And yes, do watch out for the Crawford Caligula leaving his mark before his term ends. Delusional sociopaths are very dangerous people.