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Friday, May 30, 2008


Benjamin Netanyahu, leader of the Israeli Likud party, ultra right-wing Zionist and close friend of neoconservatives everywhere and America’s warmongering Vice-President Dick Cheney, sniffs an Israeli election in the wind. At a Likud rally held on the Israeli occupied Golan Heights last week Netanyahu declared that the Golan Heights will never be anything other than Israeli. Displaying his obsessive hatred of Iran he told his audience “…If we don't live here, Iranian soldiers will”, a remark that hints toward what the foreign policy of a Netanyahu-led Israeli government is likely to be if this warmongering lunatic were to actually win an election – especially if it is won before Bush’s time in the White House runs out in November.

The combination of Bush still in the White House and Netanyahu leading Israel is likely to be lethal cocktail of ultra right-wing warmongering aimed directly at Iran, Syria, Hezbollah and Hamas. Any dream of any kind of Palestinian state will be long gone and the Gazan people can look forward to being squeezed even harder and could even expect to be transferred out of the Gaza to the Sinai, the West Bank or Jordan.

The mood in Israel at the moment generally seems to be that an election is in the wind as a result of Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert’s dealings with an American financier with close ties to Israel. If Olmert decides to step aside then Israeli Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni would likely take his place though even Livni is now talking of preparing for an election. However, if Olmert refuses to step aside and the Israeli Labour Party under Defence Minister Ehud Barak withdraws from the Kadima-led coalition government then there will be a snap election. Increasingly the call now is for an election regardless of what Olmert does.

Netanyahu, after months of keeping his head down, is beginning to look more and more like a politician that can sniff an election in the wind; he’s even got a book waiting to be released just in time for an election. There has been no date set yet for his book to be launched but one can surmise that it will be within days or even hours of a date being set for an election.

The idea of Netanyahu leading Israel is bad enough for all of the Middle East, but the thought of Netanyahu leading Israel whilst Bush and Cheney are still in the White House would be cause enough for the world to tremble.

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