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Thursday, July 12, 2007


Yesterday I posted a link to the recently released full length feature documentary titled ‘9/11: Ripple Effect’ at the slowly becoming extreme right-wing Australian blog called Webdiary. Overnight the link has been removed from the Webdiary site thus denying Webdiarists direct access to the film. Webdiarists will now have to visit elsewhere in order to view the film. (I have linked the film below this piece.)

The blatant censorship of this important film comes as a result of pressure from the extreme right-wing that frequent Webdiary and who have manipulated the sites proprietor, ex-journalist Margo Kingston, who made the ban on discussing alternatives to the US government’s conspiracy theory, amongst other controversial subjects, some time ago.

Once again it seems Margo Kingston has caved in to the extreme right-wing that frequent Webdiary and she has done so for purely mercenary reasons. Discussion of the most important event of the twenty-first century is not allowed at Webdiary.

It’s a shame that a website like Webdiary that started life with so much promise in a world offering little more than chaos should slide into the hands of a handful of right-wing racists and warmongers that frequent there.

To view the documentary go here:


Steve C said...

I agree Damian, it stinks. They are more than happy to host a week long extravaganza by that evolution denier and religious extremist Phil Ubergang and his creationist mates, Answers in Genesis, but balk at an examination of evidence of Sept 11. I watched that video and have seen a couple of others and agree there are questions which need answering.

I encourage you to write that piece they keep on about but judging by the reaction to the video I do doubt that many of them would be open minded enough to consider any alternative to the government propaganda so you might be wasting your time.

Damian Lataan said...

I’m inclined to agree Steve. I shall write the piece but publish it here. As you say, I’d be wasting my time sending it on to Margo Kingston while she is under the influence of the extreme right-wingers that gather there like Alan Curran, Ian MacDougall and the supremely arrogant and rather manipulative Jenny Hume (of which more later).
At least if I publish it here rather than at Webdiary then Webdiarists will be able to read it in peace without having to be told whether or not they are actually allowed to by the very noisy yet totally empty right-wing there.

Anonymous said...

"The blatant censorship of this important film comes as a result of pressure from the extreme right-wing that frequent Webdiary and who have manipulated the sites proprietor, ex-journalist Margo Kingston..."

What makes you believe that individuals (right-wing or otherwise) had anything to do with the link being excluded on Webdiary? Nothing online seems to suggest that blame can be laid at the door of anyone save the Webdiary moderators.

Damian Lataan said...

Anonymous, it was the extreme right-wing Webdiarists like Jenny Hume, Alan Curran, et al, that were lobbying to stop me from writing my piece on 9/11 and to continue the ban on debate about 9/11 fearful that their cosy little fantasy world of Western mythology would collapse around their ears and cause people to actually stop and think about the reality of who the real terrorists are in this world. These people influenced Kingston to remove the link to the documentary that I had posted at Webdiary and which the moderator Richard Tonkin had allowed through.

You say: “Nothing online seems to suggest that blame can be laid at the door of anyone save the Webdiary moderators.”

I suggest you take another look online where you will find, for example, this from Jenny Hume:
“Frankly I cannot be bothered with 9/11 conspiracy theorists. If Damian really wants to debate this issue, then why does he just not do it on his own blog? I am sure Margo would be prepared to post a link to it. Why does he feel the need to inflict it on WD I wonder?”

Or this from Paul Morrella:
“…in regards to 9/11. It is conjecture that holds no more weight, than an other claim, made by any other person. I would advise any reading, to totally disregard it.”

It’s just as well you posted anonymously isn’t it; you would have made a complete fool of yourself had you been brave enough to say who you are.

Not That Anonymous said...

I was ambivalent about the claims made by those who disputed the official 9/11 'story'. I thought that perhaps they were indulging in a touch of paranoid conspiracy building.
However, the almost violent condemnation that these 9/11 skeptics have received over the years has made me think twice.
The fact that people don't even want to look at any evidence proffered suggests that they fear what they might find out.
For fuck's sake it's just a film which raises some very interesting questions. It won't kill anybody to watch the damn thing.
If after watching, the viewer thinks it's all bullshit, then fine, they'll have an opportunity to refute the claims. Just like they did with "The Great Global Warming Swindle".
They should view the evidence and then test the evidence scientifically. If the evidence proves to be false, then truth and knowledge win.
If the evidence proves to be real, then we need to ask more questions.