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Friday, July 20, 2007


On 5 June last year Will Howard, propagandist, apologist and liar par excellence for the Australian Israeli Loony Lobby, wrote at Webdiary:
“OBL and other al Qaeda members are on record numerous times claiming "credit" for AQ for 9/11.”

This, of course, is a lie and it is well known that the recording that was purported to be of Osama bin Laden claiming responsibility for 9/11 is a fake; indeed, very shortly after 9/11, bin Laden, while applauding the atrocity actually denied having any part in it whatsoever.

Will Howard goes on to say: “Really I wouldn't know where to begin.” He then recommends the ‘9/11 Commission Report’ as a good place to start. Of course he would. This is the bible for the government 9/11 conspiracy theory liars and their supporters like Will Howard.

Will Howard, as we now know, is a proven and unmitigated liar who relies on his academic qualifications, a PhD in earth sciences of some sort, to give his lies an aura of credibility.

On 17 May 2006 Will Howard wrote this in an effort to justify the expansionist policies of the Zionists of Israel:
“No other country is subjected to the existential questioning that Israel is… That their very founding was a crime. For all that the founding of Australia and the US clearly entailed the dispossession of indigenous peoples, I have not seen even implicit suggestions these countries should be disestablished. Even the most strident advocates for Aboriginal rights in Australia are not suggesting that non-Aboriginal people should pack up and go back to wherever it is they came from.”

Indeed, but we are talking 1948, not 1748. There are still people alive in Israel that were responsible for the crime of ethnically cleansing virtually the entire Palestinian population from the lands which the Zionists coveted and now occupy. They are still committing that crime. This is a reversible crime whereas the crimes that were committed against the native and aboriginal peoples of America and Australia are not. To use the analogy of America’s and Australia’s past treatment of its respective native peoples and compare it with the way the Zionists of Israel treated the Palestinians is but just one example of Will Howards deceit.

Then there is this classic lie from will Howard on the same day when he suggests that it was not Ben-Gurion that attacked the Arabs but the other way around:
“That Ben Gurion attacked the Arabs in 1948, not the other way around? There are people alive today who remember - so don't try trotting out that lie on me.”

There certainly are people around that remember; including some of the Zionist participants and the Palestinian survivors. This nonsense about the Palestinians and Arabs attacking the Zionists is pure garbage; the classic Zionist lie. The Zionist policy of ethnic cleansing during the later months of 1947 and through 1948 was deliberately planned and executed by David Ben-Gurion and his clique of murdering thugs when they met weekly at Ben-Gurion’s own home to methodically plan exactly how village by village, town by town and city by city they would expel the people, execute prominent Arabs, and destroy the homes. The Zionists methodically collected full details about every village and town including lists of those that were to executed on the spot by the Irgun and Stern Gang thugs that acted in much the same way as Himmler’s Einsatzgruppen did during the Second World War.

The Zionist ways haven’t changed since the ethnic cleansing of Palestine by the Zionists; Ben-Gurion used fear mongering by telling the Jewish settlers that there would be a second Holocaust unless they took action against the ‘Arabs’ in the lands they wanted. The Zionists also had a specific policy in the earlier period of the ethnic cleansing of attacking villages only as ‘retaliation’ to Palestinian actions against Jewish settlers. This was deliberate policy; in fact so deliberate that the Zionists would actually commit acts against Jewish settlers whilst dressed as Palestinians in order to ‘retaliate’. They also dressed as Palestinians in order to infiltrate villages so that they could mount surprise attacks indiscriminately shooting at anyone they could in order to inflict the maximum amount of fear among the Arab population.

Nothings changed. The Zionists even today invoke the Holocaust in order to promote unwarranted hatred and fears in the Israeli people as the Zionists attempt to provoke Iran by the use of lies and twisted translations. And they still use the excuse of their actions only ever being ‘retaliatory’ when they attack the peoples of the Gaza and Lebanon when in fact these attacks are planned months in advance of their ‘retaliatory’ actions – another lie that the Zionist liar Will Howard attempted during last years war against Lebanon.

Will Howard – Zionist propagandist and Israeli Loony Lobbyist; he hides behind the mask of respectable academia. He’s no better than the sickening Islamophobic racists Geoff Pahoff and Noelene Konstandinitis.

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