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Saturday, July 21, 2007


The extent to which a blogger on the left, such as my self, is having an effect on the right can be measured by the extent to which the right respond on their blogs. The more response, and the more vehement the response, then the greater the indication that ones left wing comments are hitting home – in short, they’re worried that people will actually be swayed by the lefts argument as against their own. Of course, for most on the right, argument doesn’t actually exist; they have no ideas of their own, they simply react to ideas that they don’t agree with by insulting the left-winger and hoping that the insults will be just too unbearable and be enough to stop the left blogger having a go at the right-wingers.

Yesterday I targeted Will Howard’s lies – again. His response was entirely predictable. Apart from the insults – which is fine, after all I have insulted him by calling him a liar – there is the non-existent rebuttal which consists of ‘everyone knows the Arabs attacked the Jews in Palestine in 1948’ neglecting to mention in classic Zionist propaganda style the fact that the Arabs attacked the Jews in Palestine only because the Zionists were attacking the Palestinians as their well-planned and deliberate ethnic cleansing program got under way in 1947. (The bottom line is, and one can’t help but notice it, is the fact that it is Israelis that are now living in places that were once lived in by Palestinians; not the other way round.) As I’ve mentioned before, this trait of Zionists accusing their enemies of casting the first stone in order to justify their actions as they pursue their dream of creating a Greater Israel is nothing new. David Ben-Gurion and his so-called ‘Consultancy’ of ultra Zionists and thugs in the Irgun and Stern Gang have been practicing this method of lies and deceit since 1947.

Will Howard asks for evidence, though provides none to support his own ‘claims’, yet the evidence is there for all to see in the official documents. No one is saying that atrocities were not committed by the Zionists as they expelled the Palestinians from their homes but Zionist propagandist and apologists like Will Howard do try minimising the extent of those atrocities defending such actions as retaliatory. Historians like Pappe and Finkelstein have broken away from the tradition of Israeli historians trying to brush their inglorious past under the carpet and have exposed the historical truth of what the Zionists really did to the Palestinians in the name of creating a Greater Israel. Apologists, liars and deceivers like Will Howard, Geoff Pahoff and others can foam and carry on with all the insults and garbage they like, it doesn’t in the least bit detract from the reality of the Ziononazis crimes against the Palestinian people. Even those that some consider more left-leaning and aren’t as vehement as these two loons, like Michael Park at Heidelberg’s blog, are sucked in to this frenzy of denial and reduced to simply levelling insults and no argument.

The world is waking up to these realities and the liars and deceivers that are Zionist propagandists know it; hence whole tirades of right-wing denial and insults against those that seek and reveal the truth (not to mention whole threads on these hate-sites devoted to, in this case, me). The more the right-wing Islamophobic warmongers and lunatics from hate sites like Tim Blair and Harry Heidelberg/David Davis froth and foam denial and insults then the more we on the left can rest assured that our exposure of the truth is hitting home.

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