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Monday, July 16, 2007


In continuing to expose the lie that is in the deceit of Jenny Hume we should examine some of the postings made by her on just one thread at Webdiary. We’ll take a look at the ‘Yep, says Honest John, Iraq is all about the oil! Hallelujah!” thread at Webdiary.

In her July 5 2007, 11.18pm post Hume writes: “Well most people would know and accept that any policy or intervention in the ME will always have at least something to do with oil. So it makes little difference what Howard and Nelson say, or don't say on the subject.” The first sentence is a concession to the painfully obvious. The second sentence attempts then to excuse Howard and Nelson by virtue of ‘it’ not making much difference, presumably to the reality. What Hume ignores entirely, however, is the fact that Howard had previously said quite specifically on several occasions that it was not about the oil. By ignoring this Hume is supporting Howard’s lie.

In her July 6 2007, 12.00pm post Hume reveals her true aspirations: “So while surveys show that 70% of Australians are appalled at the determination of Governments to continue a live animal trade while knowing that it is grossly inhumane and has been found to be so by its own inquiries, they will not vote a government down on such an issue, much as I would like them to. Moral outrage is rarely if ever the cause of election failure or win in this country.”

Here Hume would like the Australian people to express moral outrage over the live animal trade but is quite happy for the Australian people to remain quiet over the 650,000 Iraqi humans that have perished as a result of the allied invasion and plundering of the Iraqi nation that the same government was has been a party to. This astounding hypocrisy is from one that claims to be of the ‘left’.

It shows where Hume’s priorities lay! It also demonstrates where many Australians sympathies lay as well! The live animal trade for Hume seems to be far more important than the lives of Iraqis as far as she is concerned. The sheep, after all, are Australian!

She goes on in the same post to say: “If people consider international issues at all they will look at climate change, and at the rise of Islamists world wide.” This is clever stuff. She chucks in a bit of meaningless left-wing stuff about ‘climate change’ but then throws in the fearmongering Islamaphobia crap to go along with it to create the impression of political balance within her rhetoric. This is classic right-wing propaganda tactics. The deceit highlights the lie that is Jenny Hume.

Then, again, in the same post she says: “I find it a bit difficult to relate to the views on this site about the US. It seems to me that no matter what the issue, most here have to look for any evidence they can find that will support their anti-America line and yes, one could say hatred.” This again is classic pro right-wing American propaganda. She sees everything that is to the left as being anti-American when the reality is that the left is anti-Bush, not anti-American. This is not the rhetoric of anyone that is remotely to the ‘left’ as she claims she is. Jenny Hume is a liar and a fraud.

By now, in the same post, Hume is nigh on hyperventilating as she broaches the point of her post; the question of discussing 9/11.

She says: “I would see the left's views [and this is from someone who professes to from the left herself] as more balanced and reasoned if some were able to admit that in going into Afghanistan the US had justifiable cause. But even Afghanistan is to many on the left only about oil, and nothing but oil.” This, as I later pointed out to Hume, is not the case; other motives related to energy resources were also considered when the US attacked the Afghan people.

She goes on: “And to support that argument some give credence to 9/11 conspiracy theories suggesting the US engineered that event in order to justify that particular war. In the absence of any verifiable facts whatsoever that that was so, I find that view appalling to put it mildly.” The destruction of WTC7 alone is enough to question all that was 9/11. Hume demands ‘verifiable facts’ to support theories that the events of 9/11 was anything other than what she was told by the US government but doesn’t demand those same ‘verifiable facts’ from the US government whose story is losing credibility daily as more and more people come forward to refute the governments version of events. Ignoring the fact that the governments story about 9/11 is in itself a conspiracy theory, why should anyone believe that the US went to Afghanistan except for the hegemony it would have over the resources of the region. Hume’s overall view here is typical right-wing reactionary – and she insists on the lie that she is of the left.

Then there’s the exposure of Hume’s blatant manipulative skills. She writes in the same post: “I think Margo is right to not allow that issue to be debated on WD. It would kill the site completely. It would bring every type of crank here from all over the world. And I suspect Margo has little energy for that and I don't blame her.” This is a totally unveiled attempt to manipulate Kingston into censoring debate on the events of 9/11. Hume’s attempt to influence Kingston by reminding her of her ‘fragility’ in the face vigorous debate is a blatant attempt at manipulation and abuse of Kinston’s emotional weaknesses in order to stifle debate for purely political purposes.

At this point Kingston gets on her high horse and confirms in an oddly back-handed way that indeed she has been manipulated. Kingston writes: “I am personally offended that you accuse Jenny, who is a dear friend of mine, of attempting to emotionally manipulate me. That is preposterous.” Kingston played straight into Hume’s hands. And, just to top it off, Hume then shows how deceitful she really is by accusing me of personal abuse and at the same time tries to promote her own self-importance by writing this piece of desperate nonsense: “Though just for the record I am a bit put out, coz Damian, dear boy, I am definitely not middle class. I'm upper class, at least on one side of the blanket. Old family, squattocracy, aristocratic blue blood don't y'know.”

Jenny Hume left-wing?

Jenny Hume arrogant right-wing liar more like!

To be continued…


Paul, I caught up with your post at Webdiary regarding my stoush with Jenny Hume. I have now written to Margo Kingston and have told her that I shall be withdrawing from further comment there but shall continue to comment on various aspects of topics that are being discussed at Webdiary at my own blog. This way I don’t have to suffer censorship as a result of the right-wing lobbying that goes on there.
You know me too well Paul. I don’t so much as ‘get frustrated at the opposition’ – it’s just that I simply cannot abide liars, deceivers and manipulators, especially arrogant ones! Nor can I abide the kind of nepotism that Margo Kingston has displayed in political debate.

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