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Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Last week I emailed this letter to Margo Kingston; as expected, she has not even acknowledged it. I therefore have no problems in publishing it here as I said I would.

Margo, I shall be withdrawing from further comment at Webdiary. Your outrageous nepotism has become transparent – especially as you have not allowed me to respond to Jenny Hume’s arrogant and self indulgent comments to me. Furthermore, on the several occasions I have written to you about this and other matters you have not even had the common courtesy to respond.
Despite having withdrawn from further comment at Webdiary, I shall nonetheless be ensuring that my words are heard at Webdiary by the use of my own blog which I know many Webdiarists visit and where I shall be making known your bias and the hypocrisy that you call a ‘code of ethics’, at least three of which you have violated yourself. You will find details at my blog later. I shall also be publishing the full details and extent of the bias you have displayed toward and in favour of your friend Jenny Hume. (Already done.)
I shall continue to criticise right-wing commentators at Webdiary when necessary. I shall be exposing the sham of Eliot Ramsey/C. Parsons which you have continued to allow to post at Webdiary for whatever reason. This liar and deceiver has absolutely no credibility whatsoever and it is shameful that you continue to accommodate him. (His recent denial that he was C. Parsons only compounds his deceit.)
I’m afraid to say that I lost my considerable respect for you some time ago when you failed to stand up to the threats that were made against you and caved in for purely mercenary reasons to the extreme right that used to frequent Webdiary then, most of who have since left (and have now returned) to spew their hatred and garbage elsewhere (and now back at Webdiary); three of whom I have since exposed as unmitigated liars. (One of these, Craig Warton, has now returned and you have welcomed this proven liar.) They, it seems, have simply been replaced at Webdiary by more right-wing liars and deceivers to the point now where one needs to wonder if indeed you have not practiced at least some deceit yourself as did your brother Hamish Alcorn who lied as well as deceived; certainly you were not particularly honest with Webdiarists with regard to the reasons why you so abruptly left Webdiary. (And I’m not talking about the deterioration of your emotional or mental health but the reasons for it.)
It is a shame that you have sacrificed your integrity by accommodating warmongers and racists at Webdiary just to satisfy your own ego and to protect those that have manipulated you. Hundreds are dying daily but all you seem to care about is protecting the image of some of your more arrogant favourites in order to maintain an audience at your site rather than to allow that audience to debate the real issues of the day.
Rest assured that I shall be doing all that I can to expose the liars and deceivers that use Webdiary to peddle their hatred and propaganda. You will find me utterly relentless in attacking right-wingers at Webdiary and, if necessary, Webdiary it self.
You make a mockery of your credo; ‘Webdiary – independent, ethical, accountable and transparent’. It seems to me that the only people that you are ‘accountable’ to are the right-wing warmongers and neo-fascists that you entertain at Webdiary. Webdiary has now turned out to be not much better than some of the other hate sites one finds around the blogosphere; the only difference is that they don’t attempt to hide their bigotry behind a fa├žade of faux liberalism.


Anonymous said...

Maybe you should change the name of your blog to "telling the history of Webdiary as it really is"?

Damian Lataan said...

...or maybe another blog by that name? Now there's an idea!