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Friday, July 13, 2007


Margo Kingston, in continuing to pander to the fraud of C. Parson/Eliot Ramsey at Webdiary, makes herself complicit in this liar’s deceit.

Since C. Parsons disappeared from Webdiary, a character calling himself ‘Eliot Ramsey’ has appeared posing as a newcomer to Webdiary. Since his emergence at Webdiary there has been a lot of speculation based on very strong evidence that Eliot Ramsey and C. Parsons are one and the same.

Lets take a brief look at some of the syntax similarities used. One only need to visit Webdiary to back read C. Parsons past comments and then read Eliot Ramsey’s current comments to see the startling very strong circumstantial evidence of fraud quickly take shape.

C. Parsons, 2 June 2007, 12.52pm on the ‘Yep, says honest John, Iraq is all about oil! Hallelujah!’ thread at Webdiary.
“So why wouldn't they just fly over Lebanon? What, for fear of upsetting the Lebanese? While on their way to attack Syria? With whom the Israelis actually share a border?”

Eliot Ramsey, 5 July 2007, 9.07am on the same thread.
“That's odd, isn't it? That the Fuhrer's second most important ally of 1940 (after the Soviet Union of course) was thinking that the invasion was being taken sufficiently seriously to want to be a part of it? And to offer troops?”

Eliot Ramsey, 4 July 2007, 9.21am on the same thread.
“What, Canada? And didn't Spain pull out of Iraq? To the warm congratulations of al Quaeda as I recall. So, now Spain is attacked again?”

C. Parsons, 24 April 2007, 1.11pm on the same thread.
“There. Does that all sound familiar?”

It certainly does all sound familiar; all too familiar!! The syntax that Eliot Ramsey uses is identical to that which was used by C. Parsons – not just similar; identical. Many Webdiarists who have contacted me simply don’t believe that Eliot Ramsey and C. Parsons are not one and the same. Eliot Ramsey feigned shock when Kingston confronted him and mentioned that his writing is like C. Parsons writing, and, while he insists that he is ‘Eliot Ramsey’, what he hasn’t done is deny that he was also writing under the name of C. Parsons. That’s a line that ‘Eliot Ramsey’ is not prepared yet to step over because once he has and it is subsequently confirmed that he is a fraud then it’s all over.

As far as most Webdiarists are concerned, however, for Eliot Ramsey, it’s all over now. He has absolutely no credibility. The overwhelming circumstantial evidence is enough to condemn and expose him for what he is – just another right-wing liar and deceiver to be put on the list with those other right-wing lying and deceiving Webdiarists that have been exposed including the wannabe academic Dylan Kissane and the pseudo academic Will Howard together with the Islamophobic racists Geoff Pahoff and Noelene Konstandinitis.

Margo Kingston should put a stop to this fraud – or wear the guilt with him.


Jenny Hume at Webdiary: “Just being in Sydney was nearly too much! But a nice touch as we walked out was our barrister saying to me: You are the most intelligent people I have ever had to work for.”

One could be forgiven for feeling ill.

Remarks like that tell you much about this extraordinarily arrogant person. But there’s worse; beneath the arrogant personality lies a personality that is far more sinister – one that practices deceit under the pretence of being ‘left-wing’, a person that lies about her manipulative skills and one that carefully attempts to disguise the reality of her true right-wing views.

More next week! Stay tuned!


Kurt said...

Word on the street is that Damian said he would never post at Webdiary again. But he did. That makes him a hypocrite, liar and deceiver.

I wonder how long this post will last?

Damian Lataan said...

You heard wrong Kurt; what I said was: I would not post at WD while Hamish Alcorn was still there. Check the facts before listening to the street moron.

Anonymous said...

Here are some of the other habits (the tell-tale hallmark) of Chris Parsons now evident in comments on Webdiary by 'Eliot':

- putting names of people not registered to comment on Webdiary in bold font.

- using a semi-colon on the stem before a block quote

- Careless application of bold format (e.g. Margo says: "...." - rather than - Margo says: "....")

- a number of unnecessary paragraph breaks at the end of the comment

- constantly targeting a few people commenting on Webdiary and pursuing them from thread to thread

- a tendency to use sarcasm

- a tendency to pose a long series of rhetorical questions

- question marks erroneously applied to statements ('questions' that are not really questions)

- a tendency to avoid answering questions put to him by any other Webdiarist (with the notable exception now of Margo, which is part of his grooming effort to get he on side and put off any action to deal with the trolling, baiting and remorseless ridicule thing he's got going)

- straw man after straw man

- a tendency to 'question' (I see it as libel) the moral character of other people making comment on Webdiary

- continuing to reintroduce topics when asked to stop

- trying to get the last comment on a thread (i.e. the first comment after the article for a reader who has not adjusted the display settings)

- never using the reply button to make a reply to a particular comment thus increasing the chance of getting the last comment on a thread

- generally submitting comment between 9am and 5.30pm Monday to Friday, though very occasionally on Saturday (when he must be doing 'overtime' for his employer).

- Regular sneering references to the 'peace movement', 'resistance movement', etc

- mentioning (usually as part of a straw man) some opinion in GLW when no Webdiarist has 'relied upon' nor even previously mentioned GLW material

- much use of "by the way" and "but hey ..." and "No wonder ..." and such to fit that kind of 'I'm just an a easy going, lovable lad' voice

- in addition to asking 101 pointed questions (sometimes just statements with a question mark) and the avoidance of answering any questions, let alone pointed questions, there is his hypocritical tendency to harp on about how some other Webdiarist is avoiding his 'questions', (when usually they're just trying to avoid taking the bait laid by the troll).

Damian Lataan said...

I wonder sometimes about the complicity of Margo herself in this clear and obvious deception.
Margo is well known for her need to 'retain' right-wingers at Webdiary - even at the expense of the left getting a look in.
In this regard I even wonder about Margo's own politics and whether or not she is deliberately or otherwise acting as an agent provocateur by telling us she is to the left of politics.

Anonymous said...

I don't agree on your hypothesis there Damian. More likely that she'd be simply concerned that dealing with the issue means she'll once again cop the zillion slings and arrows from the Blair's lair lot and worse a 'former friend', etc.

Anonymous said...

And thinking it through I can see how Margo might be wanting to do something about the issue, but not be sure how to do it.

Damian Lataan said...

Perhaps then simply seduced by the pseudo ‘left’ right-wing in which case naiveté would be more appropriate.

Damian Lataan said...

I do rather hope that I'm wrong about Margo but, in the light of all the evidence with regard to Eliot Ramsey, I find it difficult to understand why Margo would continue to accomodate this obvious fraudster.