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Wednesday, May 03, 2006


It tells you a lot about the arrogance of the people who run or represent the governments of the Coalition of the Killing when then say that the United Nations will lose its ‘credibility’ if it doesn’t come across with the result that these criminals are looking for.

In the latest stoush between Iran and the US and its allies over Irans nuclear ambitions, Australia has waded in with its Ambassador to the UN, the ex Minister of Defence Robert Hill, regurgitating this ‘credibility’ nonsense[1] close on the heels of Condoleeza Rice’s recent questioning of the UN’s ‘credibility’[2].

Hill says: “This is another instance where the international community has a right to expect that it [the UN] meet its responsibility.” It hasn’t occurred to Hill that the UN actually IS the international community and that when they don’t endorse a resolution then that is the democratic voice of the international community.

The world heard all this ‘credibility’ nonsense the last time the US and its Coalition of the Killing allies wanted to make war on a nation that was of no threat to them. They ignored the voice of the international community who saw through their lies and then, when they discovered that they’d never get a resolution up to invade Iraq, withdrew from the idea of putting up a resolution. They then ignored the voice of international public opinion and went ahead with their invasion, occupation and plundering anyway.

The world has been once bitten and is now twice shy. The only credibility at stake this time round is those of the Coalition of the Killing – which includes the war-criminal government of Australia.

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