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Monday, May 01, 2006


The warmongering rhetoric against Iran by the US government, the Israeli government and the Israeli lobby in the US is continuing unabated. Condoleeza Rice has been quoted as saying: “I think they're [Iran] playing games. But obviously, if they're not playing games, they should come clean. They should stop the enrichment, suspend the enrichment.”[1] The Israeli Prime Minister, Ehud Olmert, has “…denounced Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad as a “psychopath” and said the West would never permit Iran to obtain a nuclear bomb.”[2] And over at the Israeli lobby’s predominant mouthpiece, The Weekly Standard, William Kristol is urging the Bush administration that ‘this is no time for Washington to be scary’ as Bush tries to con the Europeans into believing that ‘diplomacy’ will be tried first.[3]

The next step is for the IAEA to bring Iran up before the UN Security Council where the US will ask for sanctions to be applied against Iran knowing full well that this will not happen because Russia and most likely China will use their veto power to prevent it.[4] The US will then mumble indignantly stuff about UN ‘credibility’, as, indeed, they already are,[5] just as they did in the lead up to the invasion, occupation and plundering of Iraq.[6]

Iran, of course, will not budge[7] from its stated goal of enriching Uranium sufficient for reactor fuel for its energy program. However, thus far there has been no evidence whatsoever to say that Iran wishes to enrich Uranium to the level required for nuclear weapons[8] and has, indeed, stated that is not what it wishes to do.[9]

This warmongering will only end in disaster, as it does every time the US threatens another nation, and serves only to fatten the profits of the big oil companies at the expense of the peoples of the world.

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