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Monday, May 22, 2006


It looks as though the Australian Prime Minister, John Howard, is trying to pull the same stunt about the prospects for war with Iran as he did prior to going to war with Iraq. Howard has told CNN reporter Wolf Blitzer that he would prefer to see the matter resolved by the United Nations. He did not rule out the idea of “…war being the last resort to stop Iran pursuing its nuclear ambitions”, according to yesterday’s The Australian newspaper.[1]

Howard, of course, knows full well that the UN will not be resolving this issue as both Russia and China, upon whose support any UN resolve must rely, will not be forthcoming. Howard knows this now as the US and Israel try to push this nonsense about Iran’s ‘nuclear ambitions’ through the UN Security Council just as he knew back in January of 2003 a resolution to attack Iraq based on it’s supposed ‘nuclear ambitions’ would not succeed. The attack on Iraq went ahead anyway.

Howard told Blitzer: “Both America and Australian [sic] believe in trying to achieve a diplomatic solution to this very difficult problem, and I think in the first instance we should exhaust the United Nations process before we start examining alternative approaches.”[2] Readers could be forgiven if they find that this sounds familiar.

In an interview with Tracy Grimshaw on Channel Nine’s Current Affair program on 10 January 2003, just a couple of months before Australia joined the US in invading, occupying and plundering Iraq, Howard said: “Well I want to first of all give the Security Council resolution an opportunity of succeeding… In the meantime, we are preparing in case there were some kind of Australian military involvement. But it remains the priority of the Government, the desire of the Government, the overwhelming desire of the Government, to resolve this issue without military conflict.”[3]

The big question now for Australians is; to what extent will Australia be involved in the US and Israeli plan to effect ‘regime change’ in Iran and are, indeed, Australian Special Forces already in Iran?

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