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Tuesday, May 09, 2006


The baseless conspiracy theory that Iran is in search of nuclear weapons is continuing to be pushed unabated by those that are most practised at pushing baseless conspiracy theories. Despite a letter written by President Ahmadinejad of Iran[1] explaining for the umpteenth time that Iran is only interested in enriching Uranium to a level that it can be used as fuel for energy generation, the US, quite predictably, has rejected the notion and are insisting on their baseless nonsense that Iran wants to enrich Uranium to a level that can be used for nuclear weapons. Since the letter did not specifically mention Iran’s pursuit of nuclear weapon grade material (because it isn’t seeking any) the US are saying that the letter ‘ducks the nuclear issue’.[2]

Despite all the hype from the Lying Tyrant Bush and his administration, there has still been no evidence whatsoever to back their conspiracy theory of Iran wanting nuclear weapons with even the IAEA saying they have found no evidence to support Bush’s claims.[3]

Nonetheless, Bush is itching for war regardless of the lack of evidence and is beginning to gather in his old friends and allies who supported him in his attack against Iraq. Next week Australia’s Prime Minister, the Lying Tyrant John Howard, well be visiting his old warmongering chum.[4] It seems that the third member of the Lying Tyrant trio, British Prime Minister Tony Blair, has put off joining the meeting in Washington due to the overwhelming ill-feeling present in Britain over the UKs role in Iraq.[5] No doubt, however, Blair, who has already refused to rule out military action against Iran,[6] will be going along with whatever plans the liars dream up in order to go to war with Iran.

One has to wonder, indeed, if Blair’s reluctance to resign just yet in the face of overwhelming demands from most of his party[7] doesn’t have something to do with the imminent clash between Iran and the Coalition of the Killing. Does he feel he needs to be around to ensure the UK is going to be in on the attack on Iraq? The chances of any of the Trio of Lying Tyrants ever being elected to government again are non-existent so is this going to be their last hurrah and will Blair be able to resist turning up in Washington to help plan their last hurrah?

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