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Friday, March 10, 2006


There seems to be a total lack of understanding between what the US and Israel wants for the Middle East and what the people of the Middle East need to have.

The US has little or no understanding at all of how to cope with the situation that currently exists in Iraq. They also seem hell bent on going to war with Iran, and they blindly support Israel’s demands in matters relating to Palestine and Hamas.

Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld displays both his arrogance and ignorance by telling
the Senate Appropriations Committee
that he would “…count on Iraqi security forces to quell an all-out civil war in their country.” He added, almost as an afterthought, a habit that has become something of a Rumsfeld trait, “…that America's paramount goal is to prevent such a conflict in the first place.”

First, the civil war is already underway and talk of ‘prevention’ is at the very least a year and a half too late. The US government, however, refuse to see the situation as a civil war because it concedes failure. Secondly, it is the Iraqi security forces themselves that are often the main protagonists in the existing civil war using their uniforms, intelligence and command structure for their covert and often deadly participation in the civil war that Rumsfeld is hoping to stop by using them. Rumsfeld actually wants Congress to give him more money to give to the Iraqi security forces so that they can continue to do what they are doing. Utter stupidity.

And the Israeli government are showing their complete contempt of the Palestinian people and the elected Hamas government by declaring that if they retain power at the forthcoming Israeli elections they will be setting their borders unilaterally by 2010 following roughly along the current barrier line, which takes in huge chunks of Palestinian land, much of which will end up in Israeli settlers hands, and will include east Jerusalem. Hamas are unlikely to be impressed, to put it mildly, which prompts one to ask whether or not the Israeli’s are deliberately trying to provoke Hamas in order to make even more permanent gains into Palestinian territory by way of retaliatory strikes against Hamas strongholds in the event of Hamas actions against Israeli unilateral border setting, including the Gaza Strip which Israel may see fit to reinvade and even permanently occupy. The Israeli’s fail entirely to recognise the fact that neither side in this conflict will recognise each other while Israel occupies any of the pre-1967 Palestinian lands resulting in complete stalemate. This can only lead to the cycle of violence that has plagued Israeli-Palestinian relations since Israel was created.

When will these people ever learn?

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