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Friday, March 31, 2006


More garbage from the garbage providers today. The Australian newspaper reckons bin Laden will ‘never be caught alive’. There is a reason for this. It’s because he is already dead and has been for some considerable time. The reality is Osama bin Laden was a very ill man suffering from renal failure. Without treatment on a very regular basis, including dialysis, he would have soon died anyway.

The Australian’s story about bin Laden having a ‘special gun’ with which he is to be shot in the event of pending capture is pure nonsense designed to perpetuate his myth for the consumption by the dumb and gullible, who, I might add, are becoming fewer and fewer as time goes on and the people start to wake up to the fact that they’ve been conned.

Bin Laden is now a myth. The ‘War on Terrorism’ is a myth. The ‘War for Democracy’ is a myth. These myths are designed to cower and subdue a dumb and gullible people while powerful people create more power and wealth for themselves.

Wake up Australia! The road to Fascism is not that long!


Anonymous said...

The CNN story you linked to says he is 'probably' dead - have you got some proof that he is dead rather than just adding to the speculation?

For what reason do you say the story about the gun is nonsense? Is it not likely that - just as other people have been known to keep cyanide tablets for that final moment - that this might also be true?

In what context do you mean Bin Laden is a 'myth'? Are you denying his reality?

And finally, what do you expect powerful people to do except attempt to create more power for themelves? And isn't everyone trying to create more wealth for themselves? (at least in a capitalist system, anyway - isn't that how economies grow and societies develop?)

Any answers??

Damian Lataan said...

‘Anonymous’ asks: “In what context do you mean bin Laden is a ‘myth’? Are you denying his realty?”

What I said was ‘Bin Laden is now a myth’. That implies that in the past he was not a myth but, indeed, a reality.

‘Anonymous’ also asks: “…have you got some proof that he is dead rather than just adding to the speculation?” There is, of course, no actual prima facie proof that he is dead. By the same virtue there is also no prima facie evidence that he is still alive either. There is, however, much circumstantial evidence that would tend to suggest that the chances of bin Laden still being alive are remote in the extreme. Bin Laden’s physical condition, as described by Dr. Sanjay Gupta, is the most prominent and strongest piece of circumstantial evidence that would lead one to conclude, particularly in the light of bin Laden’s notoriety and, therefore, inability to receive proper attention or treatment for his failing kidney’s, that he is in fact dead and probably has been for some time.

Since the circumstantial evidence strongly suggests that bin Laden is dead, any effort by the mainstream media (dominated by the ‘powerful people’ that ‘Anonymous’ refers to) to perpetuate the idea that he is still alive and orchestrating ‘Jihad’ against the West is simply adding fuel to the ‘myth’ of bin Laden for the purposes of propaganda. While the diminishing number of dumb and gullible around the world continue to accept the nonsense that bin Laden is alive and orchestrating ‘Jihad’ against the West, it will remain in the West’s interest to perpetuate the myth in order to justify and continue the ‘War against Terrorism’ – the war the ‘powerful people’ must continue to have in order to create more power and wealth for themselves at the expense of other peoples lives.