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Monday, March 27, 2006


Tony Blair, visiting Australia this week, is still hanging on to the illusions that allowed him to cast in his lot with President Bush in the criminal invasion, occupation and plundering of Iraq. He continues, like John Howard, to see, even after three years of worsening bloodshed, the failures of what the peoples of the world were told were the aims of the war.

According to The Australian today Blair still says “…the struggle in Iraq is pivotal to the defeat of global terrorism.” The reality is that the ‘struggle in Iraq’ has absolutely nothing to do with ‘global terrorism’. The war that is raging in Iraq today was caused by the Coalition of the Killing. The vast majority of deaths that have occurred in Iraq thus far have been caused by the Coalition of the Killing. It started as they launched their illegal invasion and continued during the subsequent occupation of Iraq.

Blair says: “Whatever people thought about the original decision to go to war, for the last 2 1/2 to three years we have been there with a United Nations resolution and with the consent of an elected government.” What complete rubbish! The UN never passed any resolution sanctioning the invasion and occupation of Iraq by the Coalition of the Killing. Nor has there been any ‘democratically elected’ government in Iraq that has given them consent to continue to kill and plunder in Iraq. There have been plenty of US appointed Iraqi lackeys that have ‘asked’ the Coalition of the Killing to stay on in Iraq in order to murder their enemies but there has never been any ‘democratically elected’ government that has given consent to stay on and continue the killing of innocents and destroying the homes of those that would prefer that the Coalition of the Killing leave Iraq. Iraq is in the mess it is in today because of the invasion. The only ‘terrorists’ in Iraq are the US and their Coalition of the Killing allies.

Blair goes on to say: “…if democracy takes root in Iraq and Afghanistan then I think, after that, global terrorism is on a downward path because their key weapon of propaganda - namely, that it is the desire of America and its allies to punish Muslim countries - will be shown to be false.” Blair actually believes that a couple of chaotic elections of US-endorsed candidates constitutes ‘democracy’ in Afghanistan and a resounding vote for the religious parties, as against the secular parties the Coalition of the Killing in Iraq had hoped for in Iraq and the subsequent civil war, are all part of the ‘success story’ of post-Saddam Iraq. Tony Blair is totally delusional!

Elsewhere in The Australian Blair asks: “Do you think the Middle East would be safer if Saddam Hussein was still there today?” Frankly, the way things are going at the moment, the answer has to be a resounding ‘Yes’! The old ‘Well, at least we got rid of Saddam’ rhetoric just doesn’t cut it anymore. The world knows the Coalition of the Killing went to Iraq based on a lie. The world knows that the Coalition of the Killing is continuing to stay in Iraq based on a lie. There is no ‘global war against terrorism’. There is no ‘terrorist threat’. There is only the terror that the US and its Coalition of the Killing allies has brought to the world of Islam that is a threat to world peace. The rest are lies told in pursuit of oil, hegemony and power for consumption by a diminishing number of dumb and gullible Western peoples.

History will be the judge of the lies and crimes of Bush, Blair and Howard – and the sooner the better!

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Nice words from you Damian Lataan. Would like to hear this anymore from Australian !