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Thursday, February 02, 2012


Amid concerns of an imminent unilateral Israeli air strike against Iran, it should be made quite clear that, despite the rhetoric, no such attack can be made against Iran without the complete cooperation, connivance and support of the US. Such an attack, therefore, would not be unilaterally launched by Israel and any statements coming from Israel or the US saying otherwise is pure propaganda.

Obama is doing his very best in an election year to make it look as though he is acting the peacemaker. He knows that the American people are not interested in the US instigating yet another war in the Middle East. But behind the propaganda and the rhetoric lies the reality that the US will be supporting a war against Iran every inch of the way once the appropriate circumstances arise and Israel makes its first strike against Iran’s nuclear facilities. The strike will be the signal for the US to launch a devastating blitzkrieg against Iranian military, governmental and institutional targets right across Iran.

The attack will be not a prelude to an invasion and occupation as in Iraq, but rather to force the Iranian government to capitulate to US and NATO demands for the Iranian government to hand over power to Iranian dissidents approved by the US and their Western allies; in other words it is about regime change – which, of course, it has always ever been about. It has never been about Irans so-called ‘nuclear weapons program’.

There are many reasons why Israel could not possibly launch a truly unilateral attack against Iran. The main reason is simply one of logistics. Israel operates American aircraft which require spare parts that mostly come from the US. They also require entire engine replacements which come from the US. In the event of launching an attack against Iran, Israel will require massive amounts of military jet fuel which only the US supplies.

Israel will need to overfly at least two countries in order to get to Iran. This will require the clout of the US to establish permissions. Over one or the other of those countries Israel will need to have refuelling aircraft standing by to refuel the strike aircraft since they will be unable to fly the round trip without refuelling.

All this, and much more, means that, at the very least, the US will be very much aware well in advance that Israel is preparing to launch an attack. The US could never say that an Israeli attack was a surprise to them.

The US would also be very much aware that Israel will launch a full-on ‘pre-emptive’ attacks and then invasions against Hezbollah in Lebanon and Hamas in the Gaza Strip. It’s also likely that Israel will fully occupy the West Bank militarily. (The US is aware of this because they have already supplied all the military diesel fuel required for Israel to launch ground operations.) All this will happen simultaneously while the US is finishing off what the Israelis started in Iran.

Rather than coming as any surprise to the US and announced as a unilateral strike against Iran by Israel, the entire scenario is actually a carefully and thoroughly planned war against all of Israel’s enemies and designed specifically to both create conditions that will lead to the Zionist’s dream of a Greater Israel while at the same time destroying a threat to US hegemony in the Middle East and beyond into Central Asia and South East Asia and China for the long term.

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