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Thursday, April 12, 2007


There is more to the Israeli government’s desire to change the status of three Hizbollah prisoners, captured during last years war in southern Lebanon, from ‘prisoners of war’ to ‘illegal combatants’ than meets the eye. All three of them it seems were captured on August 4 in the villages of Aita al-Shaab and Shihine, just inside the Lebanese border with northern Israel.

The Israeli government wants to charge at least one of the men, 23 year old Hussein Suleiman, with aiding in the capture of two Israeli soldiers. Now, readers may recall that it was at Aita al-Shaab, a village that is inside the Lebanese border, where the two Israelis were captured. The problem for the Israelis is; if their Hizbollah prisoners maintain their ‘prisoner of war’ status then the Israelis will have no alternative but to release the men once the deal has been struck to exchange prisoners. Since the Israeli government has insisted that their soldiers were captured inside Israel and not Lebanon, and if Suleiman is released knowing the real story, and then subsequently spills the beans, the Israelis are going to end up with even more egg on their faces than they already have. Imagine the furore there would be if the man that actually had a hand in capturing the Israelis inside Lebanon were able to tell his story.

The only way that the Israelis can prevent this from happening is to change the status of their prisoner to the extremely controversial status of ‘illegal combatant’, a status similar to that of America’s so-called ‘unlawful combatant’ under which ‘law’ the US feels entitles them to keep their prisoners indefinitely and to be tried whenever the US can dream up a charge to try them with. As an ‘illegal combatant’ Suleiman can then be charged with whatever crime the Israelis fancy they can get away with and then keep him locked up indefinitely.

First, however, the Israeli government has to front up to the Israeli courts in order to get Suleiman and the other two prisoners’ status changed. There are three things working in the prisoners favour; first is the obvious and transparent ulterior motives the Israeli government have for wanting to change their status; secondly, the Israeli people are beginning to get more than a bit fed up with the way Olmert and the other right-wing Zionists are handling Israel’s affairs and, third; a change in the status of Hizbollah prisoners may also have an effect on the status of the two Israeli prisoners. Given this, the courts might not necessarily look favourably at the Israeli government’s quest.

Olmert increasingly is on the nose of Israelis as well as the rest of the Arab world.


In his frantic efforts to attempt what he delusionally believes is belittlement, Australian extreme right-wing Israeli Loony Lobbyist, pseudo-intellectual and academic wannabe, Dylan Kissane, has been continually linking to this site and in doing so has unwittingly been promoting some of the ideas that he is so dead-set against. For some reason this warmongering moon-bat has become obsessed with this blog.

Personally I regard so much attention from the likes of Dylan Kissane and other hate sites like Tim Blair, etc., as a mark of success. One right-wing blogger from another Australian Islamophobic hate site has even suggested that I am the most despised anti-war and anti-Bush, Blair and Howard person throughout the world of right-wing warmongering and Israeli Loony Lobby bloggers. The most despised! Honor indeed!

What can I say except; thank you for your support by linking to my blog!


Dylan said...

You are welcome, Damian.

Of course, you don't mention how you spammed my site with the same comment for days because you were upset with being linked to.

Nor do you mention that you wrote me an email that read in part:

"If my name even gets mentioned on your blog again, I shall comment relentlessly on it...Don't bother linking to my blog again."

Far from welcoming the attention you got very upset.

Care to share those facts with your readers, Damian?

Damian Lataan said...

You can rest assured Kissane, that should you ever choose to open your comments facility on your blog I shall indeed be relentlessly telling your readers about your lies and deceit. Yes, I did prefer you didn’t link to my blog but since you have been doing so I’ve had some positive feedback from some of your readers who agree with my summation of you as a deceitful liar.

So, carry on linking!

Any further comments from you here will be deleted.