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Monday, April 23, 2007


Scientists and researchers have been telling us for years that this would one day happen but no one listened. Successive governments just thought that any activists or pollies that went along with the idea of actually doing something about it was just a tree-hugging pinko greenie. Howard has been in power for ten years and has been just staring at what has been happening right under his nose without having done a thing. Now its election time and the problem has become a disaster – and all he asks us to do is pray!

Perhaps if we spent the $6 billion we were going to spend on those completely useless F/A-18 Super Hornets – which are only a stopgap anyway while we wait for the equally useless Joint Strike Fighter which, by the time we get them, will be outmoded by the latest J-10 Chinese fighter and J-11 Russian designed Chinese built aircraft – perhaps if we spent that $6 billion on researching how to use solar energy (that’s natural no-risk nuclear energy) to power desalination plants, and then use that other $6 billion the government wants to spend on that other equally completely useless piece of defence equipment known as an air warfare destroyer (one air to surface missile from a J-10 and it’s gone) on building those desalination plants and other renewable energy resources to power our homes and industries then Australia would be far better off than just praying that its going to rain soon!

Perhaps if Australia didn’t go poking its nose into other peoples countries where it’s not wanted then we wouldn’t feel the need to feel better about ourselves by arming ourselves to the teeth with useless weaponry. It’s not really a good look and it’s fooling no one.

On the other hand, if we could design and produce stuff that was actually useful for both us and the rest of the world we might find ourselves actually being liked by our neighbours and the rest of the entire world and not just the US and the UK.


DourScot said...

I've been thinking along those line for quite a while now, Damian. With one of the world's largest coastlines and an abundant source of sunlight, why hasn't Australia been moving towards solar-powered de-salination?

As you say, 'twould be a far better use of taxpayer money than sending $6billion on a useless aircraft just to appease the US and try and prove whose got the bigger willy in the region.

Damian Lataan said...

Quite so, Dour Scot. True, the reverse osmosis desalination method uses huge amounts of energy but that energy could be produced cheaply from renewable resources such as wind turbines (a form of solar energy inasmuch that the sun heats up air and causes it to move, etc., creating wind) which provide more energy in coastal regions just where the sea water that we want to remove the salt from is anyway.

If I’ve got to pay large chunks of the hard-earned to the government, I know where I would prefer to have my money spent and I’m sure a lot of Australians feel the same way.

Anonymous said...