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Tuesday, April 03, 2007


The attack dogs at neoconservative headquarters in Washington, DC, are at it again. They have seized on the ‘crisis’ that was brought about by the capture of the 15 British sailors and marines by the Iranians inside Iranian waters to call again for confrontation and war against Iran.

Two of the American Enterprise Institute’s (AEI) most unwavering and repulsive warmongering lunatics, David Frum and Michael Ledeen, have each jumped on the bandwagon of hate to take advantage of the current stand-off between Britain and Iran in order to further their cause of getting the US to attack Iran thus leaving Israel free to deal with their immediate neighbours, Syria, Hizbollah in Lebanon, and Hamas in the Gaza and West Bank, all of whom rely on support from Iran.

Frum’s frothing at the mouth contribution opens with: “The Iranian seizure of 15 British naval personnel is an outrage--and an opportunity.” The ‘opportunity’ he refers to is the opportunity to encourage the Europeans to take up the challenge of making some tough sanctions decisions against Iran. But he also writes toward the end of his piece that: “Since 9/11, Europeans have pleaded with the U.S. to rely on sanctions and diplomacy rather than force. Fine. Let's see some sanctions then--real sanctions, not the wrist-slaps imposed till now.” Since Frum just knows that that isn’t going to happen, then the real meaning of Frum’s use of the word ‘opportunity’ comes into play – ‘if you can’t come to sanctions then support a strike against Iran’.

Frum also exposes both his hypocrisy and his obsessive paranoid Islamaphobia in his piece. He reckons Iran “…forced the captured female sailor to wear the Islamic hijab, a violation of her Geneva Convention right to practice her own religion.” Frum compounds his paranoid obsession about Islam by trying to use the headscarf the female prisoner is wearing as some kind of demonising symbol when he asserts: “…let's broadcast one more time that image of Faye Turney, cloaked against her will in that black headscarf of subordination and humiliation.” The hypocrisy is in the way that Frum, a supporter of the horrors of Gitmo and Abu Ghraib, attempts to glibly mention that Iran’s prisoners are entitled to the protection of the Geneva Convention.

For the lunatic fascist neocon Michael Ledeen, it’s not so much hypocrisy and paranoia that sets the pace in his rant; it’s his arrogance, which is just another of those values, together with hypocrisy, that ‘they’ hate about ‘us’. He berates the British because they didn’t fight to gain their freedom before capture and then rubs it in by relating a story about a similar border incident in which American servicemen were involved. They, of course, escaped capture by fighting back. The implication is barely disguised.

For Ledeen the reason for Iran’s actions is straight forward: “The Iranians have two basic reasons to take hostages. One is to break our will and drive us out of the region; the other is to trade their prey for their comrades now in our grip, of whom there is a significant number (several hundred Iranian intelligence and military officers have been captured in Iraq in recent months, according to good U.S. government sources).” Ledeen’s arrogance is supreme. For him the capture of Iranian intelligence and military officers by the US is quite legitimate despite the fact they are part of the Iranian diplomatic corps in Iraq but for the Iranians to capture coalition forces renders them to be likened to wolves or animals that have captured their 'prey'. It doesn’t for one moment occur to Ledeen that it is the US and Britain that is on land that doesn’t belong to them and who are in places where they are not wanted.

Hypocrisy and arrogance; the hallmarks of all true warmongering neoconservatives.


Anonymous said...

No doubt it is systematic plan to do the same for iran as they did iraq for oil and war contracts. What powerful people want is more power and more power and they is no limit of doing any thing to that end. 2001 Cheney's inaguration speech mentioned afghanistan and iraq, 2004's inagauration speech mentions about iran and north korea. Iran starting . let us see what happens. By the way , your article remainds me another article i read 4 days back detailing the specifics of how they are using non existent borders between iran and iraq and how British took interviews of the captured, you may be interested

Anonymous said...

"Cheney's inaguration speech"?

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

To the commenter above: that's sick. You may need a bit of help if you think dead children is worthy of a song.

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to the day that these murderers are put before a court and tried for premeditated mass murder, Fieth the chinless wonder, Frum the lard butt and Ledeen along with the rest of the inbred cabal of 'chosen master race', will be neither forgotten, nor forgiven by the history. These criminals' infamy shall follow their tainted, and inhuman souls for eternity.

The fact however remains; there is no more fight left in the troops, they are no longer interested in working as cheap mercenaries in Iraqi killing fields, and or Afghani dust, that has taken its toll to the extent that the UK air force pilots are being asked to consider 'suicide missions', by no less than Air Vice-Marshal David Walker;
According to The Sun tabloid, Walker told air crews at a conference on Monday: “Would you think it unreasonable if I ordered you to fly your aircraft into the ground in order to destroy a vehicle carrying a Taleban or Al Qaeda commander?”
The defence ministry spokesman, however, insisted that Walker did not say he would order his crews to conduct “kamikaze” missions, named after suicide attacks by Japanese pilots during World War II.