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Friday, June 21, 2013


If there’s one thing neocon commentator ‘Mad Max’ Boot can be relied upon it’s his inability to even pretend – despite his efforts – that intervention in the Syrian war is for any reason other than an opportunity to weaken Israel’s arch enemy Iran who Boot says, ‘whether we like it or not, we are in conflict with’.

Boot’s latest piece in Commentary exposes his real interests in getting Obama to use airpower against al-Assad. He ignores the reality that the Jihadi extremists within the rebel ranks have the upper hand as far as the opposition is concerned and that the downfall of al-Assad will likely lead to chaos in a post-Assad Syria. Boot claims that supplying arms only to selected rebels and then supporting them with airpower will lead to the downfall of al-Assad which will be a blow to Iran. And, of course, if it’s a blow to Iran, then it’s a blow to Hezbollah as well – which is exactly what Boot and his warmongering neocon mates want.

Boot also ignores the fact that Syria under al-Assad actually provided Israel with a degree of stability, particularly on the Golan Heights front. That stability will disappear if the Jihadists gain control of Syria. But stability doesn’t suit Israel’s long term agenda for the region. If Israel simply left Hezbollah alone and stopped provoking them by flying almost daily low-level sorties over Lebanon, then Hezbollah would not be a threat to Israel. However, it would also deprive Israel of an excuse to one day attack Hezbollah and occupy south Lebanon – as, indeed, it has done in the past – if and when Hezbollah reacts to Israel’s provocations.

What’s happening in Syria today is just a part of a long term strategy aimed ultimately at regime change in Iran and provoking a regional war which will allow Israel to realise its ambitions of ridding itself of all of its enemies, including Hezbollah as well as Hamas and Fatah, and creating a Greater Israel.

‘Mad Max’ likes to think that the US is at war with Iran because Israel is. The fact is; the US is not at war with Iran and, if it ever does go to war against Iran, there would be no telling how it would end – for the world or for Israel.

The world is far better off leaving Mad Max Boot to his delusions.

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