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Wednesday, June 12, 2013


Max Boot, the ultra right-wing neoconservative commentator, seems to have become confused over who is fighting who in Syria these days. He writes in Commentary today that it’s not too late for the US and their allies to arm and support the rebels – but only the moderate secular rebels fighting al-Assad. He says:

I still believe it is not too late to tip the balance of power not only between Assad and the rebels but also between rebel factions, empowering the more mainstream groups and draining power from the Al Nusrah Front and its ilk.

The problem is that the ‘al-Nusrah Front’, sometimes known as the Islamic State of Iraq and Greater Syria, are now the ‘mainstream group’ among rebels. It would only be a matter of time before any weapons that are provided to the few secular groups remaining found their way into the hands of the Jihadi fighters.

‘Mad Max’ Boot also writes that:

The intervention of Hezbollah into the conflict has only added more compelling reasons for action. As Lee Smith has noted in the ‘Weekly Standard’, the U.S. has a lot of scores to settle with Hezbollah stretching all the way back to its murderous bombings of our embassy and Marine barracks in Lebanon in the 1980s. This is a perfect opportunity to settle accounts and in the process weaken this Iranian proxy movement. Syrian rebels are fighting hard against Hezbollah and inflicted serious losses on Hezbollah fighters in Quasayr. They will inflict more losses in the future if only we would provide them the means to do so.

Never mind the ‘US having scores to settle with Hezbollah’; the reason ‘Mad Max’ makes no bones about his desire to have a full-on fight with Hezbollah is because any such fight will likely draw in Israel – but then, that’s exactly what the neocons and their Zionist allies want; a full-blown war with Hezbollah that will provide the Israelis with an opportunity to invade and occupy south Lebanon to attempt to destroy Hezbollah once and for all. But, again, the problem here is that it is the ‘al-Nusrah Front’ that are doing most of the fighting against Hezbollah who are supporting the Syrian government in that theatre of the war close to Lebanon.

If ‘Mad Max’ thinks the US is going to help out the ‘al-Nusrah Front’ just to get at Hezbollah then ‘Mad Max’ is truly delusional as well as confused. The ‘al-Nusrah Front’ despises the Israelis far more than they do Hezbollah. If Israel enjoins the war by attacking either Hezbollah or al-Assad then it is highly probable that such a move could see the protagonists in Syria and Lebanon unite to fight their arch-enemy Israel. For what other reason does ‘Mad Max’ think the US and Israel have kept out of the war of late?    

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