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Tuesday, November 06, 2012


In August 2010 I wrote about Israel’s massive military fuel purchase from the US commenting that it was an extraordinary amount of fuel and that, by virtue of the fact that it included huge quantities of JP-8 military jet fuel, the entire order must have been military purposes. I also noted that the order included large amounts of both diesel and gasoline. I surmised then that this order may be for preparations for war against Iran – hence the need for the jet fuel – and that, since Israel could not possibly launch a ground offensive against Iran, the large amounts of diesel and gasoline must be intended for an offensive closer to home like Hezbollah in Lebanon and Hamas in the Gaza Strip. Recent revelations about Netanyahu’s order in 2010 to the military to plan for a strike against Iran, tends to support my theory that, indeed, the fuel purchase was for such an attack against Israel’s enemies.

What’s interesting about this is, firstly, that the Obama administration acceded to the supply of large amounts of military fuel to Israel and, therefore, knew of Netanyahu’s plans to strike Iran, Hezbollah and Hamas meaning that Obama was complicit in such a plan. But, far more importantly, if Obama knew of Netanyahu’s plans and agreed to sell Israel the fuel, Obama must also have conceded to having US forces on standby at the very least or, more likely, have been complicit in planning on being a part of the attack. Since the plan seems to have been that it would be Israel that would be seen by the world as initiating the attack while America ‘has Israel’s back’, the launching of any attack would actually be up to Netanyahu. As it turns out, domestic influences from senior Israelis seem to have put a hold on their plans.

The fuel, of course, hasn’t been wasted; it’s still there waiting to be used. That is to say, those vast quantities of various fuel types are still available for use as the original stocks are cycled over when new stocks arrive.

In the final analysis this all means that we now know that Obama is in favour of an attack against Iran and that the only reason Obama has held off this last eighteen months from supporting Netanyahu is because of the Presidential elections. After the election, no matter who wins, the fuel is still there and military action is still ‘on the table’.

Time, as usual, will tell.

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Jeffrey Kotyk said...

Your analysis is priceless. Thanks for keeping this blog. Concise, yet very informative.