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Wednesday, November 07, 2012


The UK Daily Telegraph today has been quoting UK Prime Minister David Cameron, when talking about Syrian President Bashir al-Assad and the civil war in Syria, as saying:

I am very frustrated that we can't do more. This is an appalling slaughter that is taking place in our world today - 40,000 lives lost already and you can see, on your television screens, night after night, helicopters, aeroplanes belonging to the Assad regime pounding his own country and murdering his own people.

Cameron was in Saudi Arabia, an Arab nation whose rulers are renowned for abusing the human rights of its own people, when he made his remarks about Syria’s president. And what was Cameron doing in Saudi Arabia? He was trying to sell to the dictators Typhoon strike aircraft. These same dictators wouldn’t think twice about using the aircraft against any uprising by its own people.

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brian boru said...

Vermin like Cameron don't get into a position of power unless they are on board with the NWO agenda. Hypocracy, lying and criminality are par for the course. Most of these scum are psychopaths, Blair being one of the worst in latter years. These creatures have as much regard for the people as they do for insects.