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Monday, October 29, 2012


Recent US pleas to the UK government to use British bases in Cyprus, the Ascension Islands in the Atlantic, Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean, as well as bases in Britain itself indicate that the US military are planning attacks against Iran that are designed to do far more than simply destroy Iran’s nuclear facilities.

The US already has a massive military presence in the Gulf region adjacent to Iran that has more than enough firepower to destroy Iran’s nuclear facilities yet still the US are seeking bases capable of handling much larger strategic bomber aircraft. The use of strategic aircraft indicates preparations are being made for a sustained attack against Iran designed to induce regime change.

Since Iran is a nation some three and three-quarters times bigger than Iraq and with a population nearly two and half times Iraq’s population and given the hard time the US and their allies had occupying Iraq, it is hardly likely that the US will be attempting to launch an invasion and occupation of Iran. This leaves the US with only one option to induce regime change; and that is to bomb it into submission via a massive bombing campaign against Iran’s government and defence facilities and institutions with possibly the threat of using nuclear weapons if Iran retaliates by using chemical or biological weapons. The US could even threaten to use nuclear weapons if Iran refuses to capitulate to US demands after the opening bombardment.

At this stage, the UK government has refused to allow the US use of British bases on the grounds that a pre-emptive strike against Iran would be in violation of international law. However, by virtue of the simple expediency of a ‘terrorist attack’ against any NATO country where the finger of guilt could be pointed, rightly or wrongly, at Iran would provide a casus belli for the UK to become involved in action against Iran.

Whatever happens, one thing is for sure; in the light of America’s need for strategic bases, the US are planning something more than just the destruction of Iran’s nuclear facilities.

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