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Tuesday, October 30, 2012


In past posts at this blog I have indicated that Israel’s primary intention of attacking Iran is not to destroy or delay Iran’s so-called nuclear weapons program – as Israel and most of the rest of the world knows Iran has no such program – but rather for such an attack to provide an excuse for Israel to attack its real targets, Hezbollah in Lebanon and Hamas in the Gaza Strip.

Back in September 2009 I suggested that Israel will simultaneously attack Hezbollah when they and/or the US attack Iran. I have said that Israel will invade south Lebanon with a view to destroying Hezbollah and occupying south Lebanon permanently with the eventual aim of annexing it to Israel.

Today reports are emerging that a senior Israeli Defence Force officer has stated that, in the event of war with Iran, Israel will indeed attack and invade south Lebanon. This admission, together with the recent escalation of violence between Palestinian fighters in the Gaza Strip and Israeli forces, provoked and initiated by Israeli actions in the Gaza, demonstrate Israel’s true intentions with regard to their real motivations about war with Iran.

The world needs to be aware that the forthcoming war with Iran is not about Ian’s ‘nuclear weapons program’ but about providing a casus belli for Israel to attack and overrun south Lebanon and the Gaza Strip in order to destroy Hezbollah and Hamas respectively and to fully occupy both territories as well as the West Bank with the eventual aim of annexing them to become part of Greater Israel. At the same time, the US will bomb Iran into capitulation and regime change. This will effectively put the entire Middle East under US and Israeli hegemony providing a buffer zone between the US and the West, and China and Russia.  

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