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Sunday, July 29, 2012


In my post yesterday I pondered the notion that, once the elections were out of the way, whoever was elected President would soon mount an attack against Iran. My reasoning was, one, that neither candidate wanted to talk too seriously about war this side of the elections through fear of alienating large chunks of American voters who’ve simply had enough of America’s wars and their costs, while, two, war against Iran for the purpose regime change is the ultimate endgame for both the US and Israel and would be something that either candidate would feel free to do after being elected.

This position has led to some observers of the election pointing out that both candidates seem to have similar endgame foreign policies with regards to Iran which, so they are telling the electorate, reflect a desire to resolve the problems with Iran and its so-called nuclear weapons program via sanctions and diplomacy while leaving the military option firmly on the table.

Let’s be clear about this; both sides want to see regime change in Iran. This is the real goal of both Obama and Romney. The question of Iran’s so-called nuclear weapons program is merely an excuse by which regime change will ultimately be effected. There is absolutely no bona fide evidence that Iran has a nuclear weapons program and, even if it did and Iran actually managed to build a bomb, using it would be the last thing it would ever do – literally. The US knows this and so do the Israelis. And both are armed to the teeth with nuclear weapons.

To see what Republican foreign policy really is all about one need look no further than Romney’s foreign policy advisor team. While the likes of GOP ‘good ol’ boys’ Henry Kissinger, James Baker and George Schultz are mentioned, they are there merely for window dressing and credibility. Others, however, have a well-known reputation for their anti-Iran warmongering rhetoric. Neocon warhawks Eliot Cohen, John Bolton, John Lehman, ultra-Zionist Paula Dobriansky and ex-Blackwater executive Cofer Black all lurk menacingly in the background. All of these neocons have advocated attacking Iran to effect regime change. They are all part of Romney’s foreign policy team.

As for Obama; as I explained, if he wins the election to gain a second term he will become a nothing-to-lose President who will need to answer only to the long term interests of the US and history.

The future does not bode well in a post-November 2012 world.

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