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Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Barak denies provoking Hezbollah while Israeli jets are flying over Lebanon.

Israeli Defence Minister, Ehud Barak, in Washington yesterday conferring with US Defence Secretary Robert Gates, told a press conference ‘that Syria was transferring weapons systems to Hezbollah and that Israel is closely watching the developments, though he assured Israel did not plan to provoke a conflict’.

If Israel aren’t planning ‘to provoke a conflict’, then why do they continue to provoke Lebanese and Hezbollah ire by flying military jets at supersonic speeds creating sonic booms in Lebanese airspace? These are acts of war. And 'monitoring Hezbollah' is no more an acceptable excuse than Syria flying supersonic sorties over Tel Aviv claiming they are monitoring the IDF.

Israel has invaded Lebanon several times in the past so who can blame the Lebanese for wanting to defend themselves against further invasion by arming themselves with missiles? Just as Israel has the US as their ally, so Lebanon has Iran and Syria as theirs. Hezbollah remember the carnage the Israelis wrought during past invasions with massacres and the cluster bombing of civilians. With missiles that are more powerful than any they've had before, maybe Israel will think twice before attacking the Lebanese people again – though, somehow, I doubt it!.

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michael mazur said...

`. . though he assured (that) Israel did not plan to provoke a conflict’

When an Israeli defence minister says that he means the opposite.

So, why these provocations ? They know that neither Lebanon nor Hezbollah will react, so why do it ? They don't know what else to do, just hoping for a better casus belli to come along for the reason that lsrael is actually desperate to kick off a war with Iran to trigger ww3 between Russia and America, as a post ww3 America won't ever again be in a position, nor have the inclination, to track down the perps who did 911, who were all Israeli - the Bush admin bit part was to provide spin and cover, as did the jewish media.

There is in existence a mutual defence pact between Syria and Iran, affirmed as the occasion permits, and it is this which Israel wants to activate by wanting to provoke Hezbollah into shooting back with anti aircraft guns which will be the signal for a full on assault on Hezbollah which Israel hopes will bring in their best friend Syria, which in turn should cause that defence pact between Syria and Iran to be activated.

At that moment Israel withdraws allowing America to rapidly switch the assault to Iran full on with nukes. Syria can be forgotten about then.

This plan won't work as everyone in the game - or observing, knows the score; as a variant of this was severely tested in Jul/Aug06 when using a similar MO the israelis foully mass murdered some 1,100 innocents of Lebanon over 33 brutal days, in the vain hope that Syria would come to the assistance of its Lebanese friends as this would activate the pact between Syria and Iran.

Give it up Ehud Barak, dedicate what's left of your miserable mass murderous life to cultivating roses.