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Monday, June 22, 2009


For the right-wing Western media it is really unimportant who won the election in Iran; the important thing is that the resulting turmoil, chaos, and deaths works against the ruling Mullah’s and in favour, no matter how little, of the right-wing of Israel and the US and their supporters in Iran. Greg Sheridan, a Murdoch propagandist with The Australian newspaper, sums it up: “In many ways, a savagely weakened Iranian regime is the best result Israel and the US could have wished for.” Democracy per se, as far as the right-wing are concerned, actually has very little to do with it as long as it’s a good ‘result for Israel and the US’.

It’s quite clear that the reaction to the announcement of the results of the election were planned in advance well before the election took place. Some pre-election polls had Ahmadinejad well in front by some 2-1 so the outcome, contrary to what the Western media would have us believe, wasn’t exactly a surprise to anyone.

However, since the likely outcome was not entirely unexpected, it gave the opposition an opportunity to plan a false claim to election victory, a claim which they voiced as soon as the polls closed. And then when the results were announced, they simply cried ‘foul’. All of this has been helped along by the right-wing Western media who supported the opposition’s claims by focusing the news on the opposition’s rallies and demonstrations against Ahmadinejad and ignoring the pro-Ahmadinejad rallies which were on some occasions much bigger than those of the supporters of Mir Hossein Mousavi. So desperate were the Western media to push the pro-Mousavi cause they even, on at least one occasion, actually claimed that pictures of a massive pro-Ahmadinejad rally were of a pro-Mousavi rally.

It’s quite clear that agent provocateurs have been employed to push along the oppositions agenda. They have encouraged the violence on all sides by provoking the police and by setting fire to buses, cars, motorbikes and buildings. The Western media have claimed that the authorities have violently cracked down on dissenting demonstrators when in fact they have been cracking down on those that have set fires and been running riot. The vast majority of both Ahmadinejad and Mousavi demonstrators have been peaceful. It is only the anti-Mullahs professional agent provocateurs that have stirred up the trouble by running riot and setting the fires and claiming to be supporters of Mousavi.

For the right-wing of the US and Israel, as Murdoch propagandist Greg Sheridan infers, it doesn’t matter whether Ahmadinejad or Mousavi end up getting the nod, nor does it matter how many Iranians have to die in the process, the important thing is that it stirs up trouble for the Mullahs.

For the Israelis it’s just another step along the road toward their final confrontation with Iran.


IDHolm said...

The US (Obama) and the UK (Brown) deny everything (but of course, would they ever admit to malfeasance, i.e. tell us some truth for a change? (Silly question)); if anyone asked, so would Israel (i.e. lie to us; they do it all the time). Shock, horror!!? Us, we the 'good guys;' why would we even dream of subverting the sovereign (resource-rich) state of Iran (Iraq, El Salvador, Chile ... or 'just' Palestine, to steal Palestinian land - Ooops! They wouldn't say "steal;" they'd say "Some 'god' gave it to us about a squillion years ago (at least!); we're just taking it back!")

G'day Damian,

.. I don't think it's a joke at all, nor 'merely' the next step in Israeli perfidy, horrible as that (Israeli perfidy) indubitably is.

I think it's a full-on attempt to topple Iran into chaos, and into the vicious, oil-as-blood drinking US' Oh, so readily waiting arms.
Long story short: not good.

Damian Lataan said...

I think you're right IDH; anything to get at the Mullah's

Anonymous said...

The Mullahs are going about things the wrong way in terms of response:

Damian Lataan said...

They are indeed going about it the wrong way, Anonymous. But that's assuming that it was the Mullah's men that shot her.

There's nothing like a 'martyr' to push a cause along.

Anonymous said...

FYI the shah is back

'Shah's son in Washington: We won't let protest die

Published: 06.22.09, 18:08 / Israel News

Son of Persian Shah, Crown Prince Reza Shah Pahlavi, who fled Tehran with his family during the Islamic Revolution of 1979, said that on the 12 of June a new movement was born, with no ideology, and that Iranians will not let this new protest movement die. He noted, however, that it may not succeed without world support.

The shah's son also said during a press conference held in Washington that the Iranian regime is wasting money on nuclear weapons and terror while the Iranian nation is hungry. (Yitzhak Benhorin, Washington) ',7340,L-3735417,00.html

its ironic that a democratic election was the chance using ghandian + hitler big lie tactics to get him returned!