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Wednesday, March 05, 2008


The first tentative talk of moving Gazan citizens has begun in Israeli government circles. Israeli Minister for Terrorism against the Palestinian People, Ehud Barak, has suggested that Gazans be cleared out of areas where Palestinian fighters are launching rockets and mortars. In order to ensure that they then stay out of the area one of two things need to happen; one, the Gazans that are removed will need to moved out of the Gaza altogether, perhaps to the West Bank, or as many Zionists would prefer, to Jordan or the Sinai in Egypt, or two, the Israeli IDF occupies the area evacuated. The third option, of course, is that they do both.

Pushing the removed citizens just further into Gaza will create huge problems for the already overcrowded and under-serviced Strip. The Israelis must realise, however, that in pushing into the Gaza this way, all they are succeeding in doing is pushing back the war front. The Palestinian fighters will simply move their weaponry back and aim them at the occupying IDF rather than into Israel. The Israelis will then need to push even further into the Gaza shifting more people out. One doesn’t need to be a military genius to see where all this is going.

Let there be no mistake about what the long-term aims of the Israeli Zionists are; they want all Palestinians out of the Strip which they will then occupy militarily and then eventually colonise with settlers. THIS WAS ALWAYS ARIEL SHARON’S ULTIMATE AIM. He knew when he decided to evacuate the Israeli settlers from the Gaza in 2005 that they one day would return. A Gaza Strip separated and isolated from the West Bank was never going to be a viable proposition any more than a sovereign state of Palestine is likely to be in the eyes of the Zionist Israelis and their neocon supporters throughout the world.

Barak’s excuse for wanting to shift the Gazan civilians is ‘to give the Israel Defense Forces greater room to manoeuvre and target rocket crews without endangering civilians.’ The truth is, the Israeli Terrorist in Chief has never in the past cared about civilian losses and has never been bothered before when he was an active terrorist himself about who he had killed just because they happened to be in the way.

The world needs to ignore the propaganda and rhetoric of the Zionist Israelis and wake up to the geo-political reality of what’s really going on here.


It seems Israel is now complaining that Hezbollah are being supplied with weapons from Iran (what else is new!). One has to ask from an objective point of view: So what?!! There are no prizes for guessing where Israel is getting its weapons from.

The Israelis are arguing that supplying Hezbollah with weapons is in violation of UN Security Council Resolution 1701. And so it is too. But then, so are Israel’s constant and provocative forays into Lebanese airspace with their strike aircraft.

Unbelievable self-righteous hypocrisy from the Israeli Zionists.


Thomas J. Pennington III said...

The only good thing about this is that it sets a precedent for America when the time comes to seize Jewish assets and deport the Jews to Israel.

Not That Anonymous said...

You may be interested in the latest article from Vanity Fair which confirms something that many of us have suspected for a long time; the Us and Israel conspired to foment civil war in the Gaza Strip.


Damian Lataan said...

The 'Vanity Fair' article is a must read! Thankk for that.

Anonymous said...

DodgyOne says :
Quite right Damian the zionists want the greater israel at any cost to what they consider the low life. That way they can then usher in the AntiChrist to rule the entire world, that makes the zionists fully fledged worshipers of satan. If they stopped crucifying there King of Kings for a minute they could maybe see the error of their ways.
Worshipping the king of death and greed is not going to bring any nice rewards.

Anonymous said...

It is time to question "how" the Zionist conspired to get their bloody hands on Palestine and it's people. Google:

* Balfour Declaration
* Leuchter Report
* David Iring

Red pill or the blue pill, your choice.

Anonymous said...

Boycott Israel, do not purchase items with UPC starting with 729.