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Tuesday, December 11, 2007


Benjamin Netanyahu was telling his new chum the French President Nicholas Sarkozy that the “Iranian missile and fissile activity continues with great momentum, so pressure must be intensified.” Meanwhile, the new Israeli ambassador to the UK, Ron Prosser, was telling a British newspaper: “At the current rate of progress Iran will reach the technical threshold for producing fissile material by 2009”. Tzipi Livni, at a NATO Foreign Ministers conference in Brussels last Friday told her audience that: “Tehran is close to crossing the technological threshold, after which it will be able to secretly produce nuclear weapons without supervision”.

In not one of the above mentioned instances was there any evidence whatsoever to support any one of the claims.

The world’s foremost authority on Iran’s nuclear status, the International Atomic Energy Authority (IAEA), has not been able to find any evidence at all that concurs with any of Israel’s claims. How does Netanyahu not trust the IAEA enough to tell them how he knows that ‘Iranian missile and fissile activity continues with great momentum’? Does Prosser know something that the IAEA doesn’t when he asserts that ‘at the current rate of progress Iran will reach the technical threshold for producing fissile material by 2009’? And is Livni holding out on the IAEA when she says ‘Tehran is close to crossing the technological threshold’?

The war against Iraq was instigated on exactly the same kind of claims. Is it not time the world asked; where is the evidence? It seems the mainstream media aren’t game to ask despite having been made complete fools of last time. Yet again the mainstream media is allowing itself to be the propaganda medium for warmongers.


Outgoing Israeli National Security Council head, Ilan Mizrahi, has told the Jerusalem Post that ‘Israel had concrete evidence that Iran was developing a nuclear weapon’. He went on to say ‘that Israel's evidence that Iran was developing nuclear weapons demonstrated the urgency of stopping the country's nuclear program as soon as possible’.

One has to keep asking; WHAT EVIDENCE?

Why hasn’t this evidence been handed over to the IAEA? Could it be that IT SIMPLY DOESN’T EXIST?


Anonymous said...

Exactly! The new American National Intelligence Estimate claiming that Iran had a nuclear weapons program is no more believable than the previous NIE that it contradicts.

If Bush had any evidence of a nuclear weapons program, he should take it to the IAEA according to the law.

Daniel said...

Since when does America and Israel worry about doing things 'according to the law'?

Damian Lataan said...

The way things are at the moment, what with Congressional power being eroded away as it is and Presidential executive power forever being seized by Bush and Cheney, Bush is the law!

Daniel, the PhD is coming along fine with just the write-up to complete though I must admit doing an arts PhD is lot harder than doing an engineering one. Mind you, I was 25 then!

Daniel said...

I can't remember that far back, Damian! What's this one in?

Damian Lataan said...

It's to be called: 'The New American Century? Neoconservatism and its Influence on US Foreign Policy in the Twenty-First Century'.

The other one was 'The Aerodynamics of Variable Camber High-Lift Aerofoil Sections Suitable for Low Speed High Aspect Ratio Wings'. Fun at the time but the world's moved on!

Daniel said...

Very impressive! The latter must be difficult to find an ending for considering it's still a work in progress for the Neo-cons!

Damian Lataan said...

It is a problem. The examiners, however, are aware that there is a time constraint and will take this into account when looking at the thesis so its not a problem in that respect. The problem arises from my own personal viewpoint inasmuch that I'm doing this PhD more for my own interest - I'm coming up to 60 so its not exactly a career move for me - and would prefer to have a difinitive finish to it to complete the 'story' as it were. Of course, that is something I'll have to do if a publisher gets interested in it later on. So it'll end up being a compromise for now; I'll keep writing until I run out of time and then present with what I've got and then finish it off afterward.