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Friday, October 26, 2007


Like most nations that set out to turn the people of another nation against their government, the Israelis have failed to learn the lessons of the past as they try to turn the Gazan people against the Hamas government that now leads them inside what has become a besieged state.

The Israelis are doing everything in their power to pressure the Gazan people to capitulate to Israeli demands that Hamas hand over power to the West Bank’s al-Fatah faction of Mahmoud Abbas. The Israelis know, however, that this is not likely to happen.

They know this because they are very much aware that when a large population of people are subjected to persecution and aggression without actually being fully invaded and occupied the population band together to help each other and, rather than turn against their government, are more inclined to support it even when the population do not otherwise support many of policies of their government. In Germany during the last war the phenomenon was called ‘Kriegsozialismus’ or ‘War Socialism’. It wasn’t confined to Germany; London during the ‘Blitz’ experienced a similar phenomenon whereby people under attack from a foreign enemy disregard notions of any wealth or class distinction within their own population in order to give help to others who, under ordinary conditions, would otherwise feel constrained from doing so. A similar situation can be seen developing in the Gaza. While not everyone is happy with Hamas, they are now supporting Hamas simply because they realise that Israel is not attacking them because of Hamas but because they are simply Gazans living in a land that the Israelis want for themselves.

The Israelis in fact are simply attempting to make life for the Gazan people so intolerable that that they would prefer to leave Gaza permanently and take their chances in the West Bank or elsewhere. This then would also isolate their enemy, Hamas, leaving them free then to repeat the process in the West Bank.


Craig Rowley said...

Yep, Israel's regard for Palestinians can be summed up in how it imprisons and terrorises them.

Craig Rowley said...

As for neocons and the Bush administration, their regard for Palestinians can be summed up in how they're pressuring Egypt to seal its border with Gaza so that the concentration camp can be perfected.

Damian Lataan said...

The Palestinian experience has been swept under the western media's carpet and all we hear about is how the Israeli's are suffering from the odd rocket being lobbed over by the Palestinians. The propaganda and rhetoric dominates while the geopolitical reality of extreme Palestinian suffering, especially in the Gaza, remains unmentioned.