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Monday, October 15, 2007



The story in today’s Sydney Morning Herald is an interesting piece of propaganda from the 'West'. The report states that Russian “special services have been warned of a plot to assassinate President Vladimir Putin when he visits Iran on Tuesday”. While the report doesn’t say who has warned the ‘Russian special services’ of this pending ‘assassination’, one could be forgiven for seeming to be cynical after taking a fairly easily assessed guess at who it was simply by asking who would have most to gain by issuing such a warning.

Whoever the ‘assassins’ are, one may rest assured that it simply will not happen. Why will it not happen? Because there never was a plan to assassinate Putin; just putting it about that there is, or was, a plan is all that was intended. The damage is done. The intention, of course, is to wedge Iran and Russia.

Of all of the reports only the far-right Zionist mouthpiece, DEBKAfile, which has connections to Israeli intelligence, can come up with reasons why anyone would want to assassinate Putin. As usual, DEBKAfile have all the answers. They report that:

“…intelligence sources report that the assassination plot, hatched by three gangs which joined hands ad hoc, was betrayed to the Russians by a Chechen who was detained before he managed to slip into Iran and join the conspirators. The three groups are: Chechen separatists, whose revolt is almost completely crushed in Russia; an al Qaeda-Taliban group bidding to settle scores with Putin for his denial of Muslim rights in Kosovo; and an ultra-extremist wing of the clerical regime, which accuses Russia of selling out Iranian interests as an American vassal.”

One need not use too much of ones imagination to hazard a guess as to where this information came from especially considering that none of the other reports on this story in the mainstream media were game enough to cite DEBKAfile or its accusations.

From a propaganda point of view DEBKAfile actually do themselves a disservice. The mainstream media reports do not attempt to explain who is behind the ‘assassination attempt’ only saying that it will be in Iran and by “a number of groups of suicide bombers” leaving the reader to assume that it is Iranian suicide bomber groups and, of course, taking that to its logical conclusion in the minds of those that don’t know any better and have succumbed to just about anything that is told to them in the MSM, one should assume that it is some of the more radical elements within the Iranian government that are behind the plot with official denial that any such thing is likely to happen to top off the story. As always with DEBKAfile, they let themselves down as a propaganda unit for Mossad by going over the top with their stories and providing far too much information; so much so that it simply becomes totally unbelievable.

The reality is that the only people to benefit from putting out this story are the Israelis. The Iranians certainly would not be benefiting from Putin’s death; indeed, they would be losing one of their strongest allies.


The story of the Israeli bombing raid on Syria early last month has taken a new tack. Now we are being told that the building that was attacked was still under construction and that it was intended to be part of a Syrian ‘nuclear reactor’. The story about the Israeli special forces penetrating the plant to steal the ‘nuclear material’ has disappeared; given this new story, such an adventure would now seem superfluous given that there would not have been any ‘nuclear material’ there yet.

The story has also provided neoconservative propagandists some grist for their particular mill. Notorious neocon warhawk, Joshua Muravchik, who has already advocated bombing Iran, has waded into the ideological fray over Syria’s so-called nuclear ambitions. He finds the potential of a ‘nuclear armed’ Syria about as dangerous as a ‘nuclear armed’ Iran, in fact even more so due to Syria’s far closer proximity to Israel.

But, again, when one casts aside all the propaganda and rhetoric about Syria and its so-called nuclear ambitions, we end up with absolutely nothing. Nowhere is there any evidence presented to even suggest that Syria has any kind of nuclear program or ambitions. All we have is the say-so of the US and Israel and its mouthpieces – and we are expected to believe this stuff?


Daniel said...

Unfortunately, a lot of people, whose IQ is equal to their shoe size, will believe it, Damian.

They are correctly called 'Sheeple'!

Craig Rowley said...

Some of those picking up their daily dose of propaganda from people like Chris Parsons (aka Eliot Ramsey, Spinifex, Calyx, and so on) ...

For example, one Webdiary today his spin on that illegal Israel incursion into Syrian airspace on 6 Sept was that the unsubstantiated claims made by the sources of some NYT journalists "turns out" to be true!

Complete crap he's trying to con someone with, of course. The facts are that Condoleeza Rice and Israeli officials yesterday declined to confirm or deny that "Operation Orchard" last month was aimed at bombing "a partly constructed nuclear reactor of North Korean design" as claimed by the sources relied on by NYT reporters.

The basis for Parsons asserting such a complete fabrication as 'truth'?

Oh ... just Chris Parson's say so ... and perhaps a need to set up the next bait, troll and try to ridicule routine. Besides, it so neatly fits his narrative of pinkoslamic conspiracy theory. He can't help himself.

Craig Rowley said...

More concerning is, as you correctly point out Damian, the neocon mouthpieces whose propaganda actually has some substantial reach. I can hardly believe that anybody would believe a word coming out of John Bolton's mouth on a topic like this ... but to many people still in so many positions of relative power apparently do.

Craig Rowley said...

Apols. That should be ... "but too many people still in so many positions of relative power apparently do."

Craig Rowley said...

Justin Raimondo writes on the "The Dair El Zor Hoax":

"Who cares about facts when you've got a perfectly good excuse to run a sensational headline? In any case, "many details remain unclear," as the Times piece puts it, which gives the editors an out. However, I'd trust Laura Rozen before I'd trust the Times, and she relays the following far more plausible account from Intelligence Online:

"In attacking Dair El Zor in Syria on Sept. 6, the Israeli air force wasn't targeting a nuclear site but rather one of the main arms depots in the country.

"Dair El Zor houses a huge underground base where the Syrian army stores the long and medium-range missiles it mostly buys from Iran and North Korea. The attack by the Israeli air force coincided with the arrival of a stock of parts for Syria's 200 Scud B and 60 Scud C weapons."


Craig Rowley said...

But even the Intelligence Online report relayed by Rozen (whose work I do generally respect as reasonably trustworthy) should not cause an end to healthy skeptical inquiry into what the Israelis were/are really up to in provoking Syria now.

Craig Rowley said...

And that need to remain skeptical and inquiring is the most important point that Raimondo makes when he says:

"From 'Israel has the right to defend itself,' a phrase we've heard with metronomic regularity over the years, the progression to 'Israel has the right to preemptively attack whomever and whatever it pleases' – based on 'secret' intelligence – is a cognitive leap made easier by Israeli boldness. What it's all leading up to is an assault on Iran that may well be sparked by an Israeli provocation."

Damian Lataan said...

Of course, Craig, the right-wing, regardless of whether they are professional journalists, highly qualified political commentators, or simply trolls surfing the blogosphere like Eliot Parsons, et al, are busy making a concerted effort to fully demonise Iran and Syria in the lead up to the final confrontation between them and the US/Israel.

People should be fully aware that this WILL happen sooner or later. It is NOT a matter of ‘if’; only of ‘when’. The ultimate goal is regime change in Iran and Syria. Their so-called ‘nuclear ambitions’ are simply part of the propaganda and rhetoric aimed at getting world public opinion on side to provide a casus belli for their attack.

With Iran neutralised and a US/Israel-friendly puppet pseudo-democratic government in place, all other resistance to US and Israeli hegemony throughout the region will collapse leaving Israel with a free hand to deal with Hizbollah and Hamas which, in turn, leaves the way clear for them to do whatever they wish in the West Bank and the Gaza, and the US can complete their domination of Iraq with the consequent control and hegemony over its, and the regions, resources.