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Monday, September 04, 2006


The egotistic liar Hamish Alcorn of Webdiary threw a tantrum a few days ago which many thought and hoped would see the back of him from that blog. Unfortunately it wasn’t to be. No sooner had he said ‘goodbye’, accompanied by a reasonable amount of childish foul language that reflected his frustrated ‘no one is listening to me’ cry for attention, than he was back eating only a very small amount of humble pie and claiming that he was back by popular demand.

Webdiary would have benefited greatly from the liar Alcorn’s departure from it. Webdiarists may have had the opportunity to open up discussion of various aspects of history that he had closed down; like alternative ideas relating to the events of 11 September 2001, ideas that are now gaining momentum within the mainstream press which are now seriously questioning, albeit somewhat tentatively at the moment, the ‘official government version’ of what happened on ‘9/11’.

Alcorn came to prominence within Webdiary when his sister, Margo Kingston, the founder and originator of Webdiary, left it through ill-health. It was at this point that Alcorn as a liar was exposed. The details can be found elsewhere on this blog.[1] Basically, Alcorn denied on Webdiary that there had been any threats to Margo Kingston when in fact, Alcorn had told both me and Sid Walker personally by email that there had been and that these threats were from ‘very powerful people’ inferring that they were from Zionists within the Australian ‘Israeli Lobby’. It was at that point that Hamish Alcorn lost all credibility as far as I and a few others were concerned. I stopped posting there and vowed never to return while the liar Alcorn had any semblance of control over Webdiary.

Margo Kingston, when she made the break from Fairfax to go out on her own, made it quite clear that she needed those right-wing commentators that posted regularly at WebDiary to move with her to her new site to make it viable. This they did together with quite a large following of other commentators that had used Webdiary at Fairfax. It did not take too long however, before the right-wing got uppity about the power the left wing posters were seemingly having at the new Webdiary particularly in relation to views about the Holocaust and also in relation to so-called ‘conspiracy theories’ especially those that discussed the events of 9/11. Some right-wing posters threatened to desert Webdiary if such discussion continued. Discussion of this soon became off limits. Webdiary, whether they wanted to or not, had caved in to the right-wing for what turned out to be purely commercial – not political – reasons.

In his latest spat Hamish Alcorn has shown himself to be an egotistical manipulator (nothing new there). He has also demonstrated his inability to think laterally and has shown his willingness to be himself manipulated by the mainstream western propaganda press. He has fallen for the latest garbage about Muslim fundamentalists being ‘Islamofascists’. Alcorn, like most others that have been sucked in by this latest rhetoric from those that are themselves displaying fascist tendencies, clearly has no idea what fascism actually is. Alcorn also has problems distinguishing what is ‘left-wing’ and what isn’t. I, for example, have always argued that not all that proclaims to be ‘left-wing’ or have been commonly been held up as being ‘left-wing’, such as Stalin’s Russia or Mao’s China, is actually ‘left-wing’. Both of these totalitarian dictators, in my view were exactly the sort of people that gave ‘communism’ and ‘socialism’ a bad name! They stopped, as soon as they became totalitarian dictators, being left-wing and became right-wing despite the fact that they wished to continue seeing and proclaiming themselves as ‘left-wing’. Alcorn is too narrow-minded to be able to see this view.

These are all things I am happy to debate but the problem with Alcorn is that he is unwilling to debate anything that falls outside the square of his comfort zone – like discussion on 9/11. He won’t allow discussion on that because the rule has already been set. But it seems that anything else he disagrees with but can’t shut down on, he simply throws a very childish bluey especially when those such as Angela Ryan, Bob Wall and Roslyn Ross, among others, get the intellectual better of him.

It’s a shame Hamish Alcorn still has some pull at Webdiary because without him Webdiary would be a much better intellectual place where the likes of the warmongering right-wing Israeli Zionist supporters like Chris Parsons, Geoff Pahoff, Mike Lyvers, et al, can get their intellectual comeuppance and their Islamaphobic nonsense shot down in flames.

The lying, manipulating and rather childish Hamish Alcorn should step aside from Webdiary and let people who are willing to debate the woes of the world have complete freedom to have their say.

[1] Sid Walker, ‘Has Webdiary been threatened by Zionists or not?’, lataan.blogspot, 11 March 2006. Available online:

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