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Sunday, September 24, 2006


Australian Foreign Minister, Alexander Downer, has been fed the line from the US and now he now feeds it on to the Australian people, i.e., that the US has offered Iran room to negotiate over the question of Iran’s nuclear enrichment program.[1] Since most clear thinking commentators are aware of the fact that the International Atomic Energy Authority (IAEA), the nuclear energy watchdog organisation that is monitoring Irans nuclear program, has stated that there has been no evidence to suggest that Iran wishes to enrich uranium beyond that which could be used for peaceful power generation, we can be assured that US concerns for Iran’s ‘nuclear program’ is merely a ruse by which a carefully implemented public opinion campaign against Iran can be orchestrated. Downers line is simply part of that orchestration whereby the allies wish to be seen as being ‘reasonable’ and offering ‘every opportunity’ to Iran and then, when Iran insists it’s not doing anything wrong and will continue with its enrichment program for power generation, the allies can then say the Iranians have refused ‘every opportunity’ and are not being ‘reasonable’ – and then attack them.

The reality is that US and allied Special Forces are already operating inside Iran. At a private dinner some weeks ago with three members of Australia’s rural industries, Prime Minister John Howard let it slip that Australian Special Forces were indeed already inside Iran preparing the groundwork for an attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities, the impression was that Howard was actually bragging about it in terms of how good Aussie Special Forces are.[2]

What most people are failing to understand is that the stand-off between Iran and the US-Israel has absolutely nothing to do with Iran’s nuclear ambitions and everything to do with regional hegemony and Israeli security and Zionist expansionism. We’ve already witnessed recent but failed attempts by the US and Israel to draw Iran into the Lebanon conflict. Now the western forces are rallying again to muster public opinion in preparation for an attack on Iran.

It’s not a matter of if; it’s a matter simply of when.

[1] David Nason, ‘Softer stance may allow talks with Iran’, The Australian, 23 September 2006. Available online:,20867,20461607-2703,00.html Accessed 24 September 2006.
[2] This information was passed anonymously and incidentally to me from a person who did not know me and who had no reason to be dishonest with me and who told me he was an employee of one of the persons that was at this private dinner.

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