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Friday, August 18, 2006


Despite Israel in the recent conflict pushing it right up to the edge militarily against Lebanon in order to provoke Syria into taking a more direct part in supporting its client Hizbollah which, in turn, would give Israel an excuse to attack Syria, the Syrians stood their ground and resisted the temptation to be drawn into the fighting. And, because Syria resisted getting into a fight with Israel, this meant that Iran would not be drawn in to support its ally Syria, which, yet again in turn, meant that the US would not have a legitimate excuse to come in to the fray to support their client, Israel, the end result being that Plan ‘A’, to start an all-defining war against Syria and Iran, just didn’t work. One now has to ask; so what’s Plan ‘B’?

The most important aspect of Plan ‘A’ – an aspect which led ultimately to its failure – was that it relied on Syria casting the first stone which would lead to the all-defining Middle East war that both Israel and the US are looking for. There was absolutely no way that Israel could be seen to actually cast the first stone directly against Syria. Such a scenario would have been far too obvious and there would have been a World-wide public opinion back-lash against it.

The Israelis and the US clearly believed that a massive pummelling of south Lebanon, Hezbollah heartland, involving the destruction of roads, villages, community resources, etc., would be enough to lure the Syrians in. When the Syrians didn’t bite the Israelis soon ramped it up. They started to deliberately target civilians including vehicles flying white sheets which civilians were using to flee the areas being bombed. The Israelis thought that maybe this would infuriate the Syrians enough to react. It infuriated them all right – and, indeed, the rest of the world – but still the Syrians resisted getting involved. At the same time as the Israelis were ramping up the destruction of Lebanon, and by now not just south Lebanon, so the US administration kept up with the rhetoric about the whole crisis being the fault of Syria and Iran.

Soon the entire world could see that this whole mess was just becoming a turkey shoot of the Lebanese people but the US, with the help of its ally the UK, allowed the carnage to continue by simply refusing to demand that the Israelis stop the onslaught. By the end of the fourth week it was becoming clear to the US and the UK that the Syrians were not going play ball. Still they dithered however, in the hope that if the Israelis invade and push hard enough up to the Litani River and the Syrian border they might just still get the Syrians to react and then have their war. But, no; it wasn’t to be. The UN eventually came up with a peace plan and the Israelis lost the war, not only by virtue of not even having realised any of their stated war aims of getting back their soldiers, something that still hasn’t happened at the time of writing, but also they did not get anywhere near destroying Hizbollah. And that was just their stated war aims – never mind the un-stated ones of trying to provoke war with Syria and Iran and drawing in the US for an all out battle to redefine the Middle East.

So what is Plan ‘B’?

The details of Plan ‘B’ are probably still being worked out but will more than likely consist of pushing for direct conflict with Iran rather than trying to get a war off the ground via proxy wars, i.e., as has already been tried with Israel fighting Hizbollah. It could however, be instigated by something in between like Israel attacking Iran direct because of Iran’s perceived nuclear threat which many Israeli right-wingers and pro-Israeli neoconservatives see as being quite intolerable. The American people would most certainly not support the US directly launching a surprise offensive against Iran. It would need first to go down the lengthy road of pushing for sanctions via the UN. President Bush simply hasn’t got time to do that especially if he was thinking of getting this thing out of the way by the November Mid Terms. Another alternative is some kind of ‘false flag’ terrorist operation whereby the US could point the finger at Iran and then make a retaliatory strike against Iran though, after the fiasco of 9/11 and the at first creeping but now snowballing doubts that are now sweeping America about that particular event, any future ‘attack’ on the US would have to be pretty convincing to get the American people on side again.

Of all of the possible scenarios it seems that the only alternative now is for the Israelis to attack Iran direct. As soon as it does, of course, the US will be there to help out.

There could also be a Plan ‘C’, but the world doesn’t really want to go there.


ISRAOIL said...

Just one conclusion---Notice most Jews can't tell the truth.No wonder they are successful in staeling on the backs of the poor.
Russian Jews are noted for Horse trading--they were so good,that Nags were passed off as young bucks---masters as the best swindlers !
They are way ahead of us---they got plan c--dirty bomb ready to go off in Canada---Americans love those Canadians---WWIII.
Mel Gibson was dead right on--Jews start all wars.

Anonymous said...

Here's plan B.

Bush has photos of himself sitting on a motorcycle , then he waits for Rove to return from his vacation in Israel, watching live gay sex shows with the Israeli troops. He then will run around screaming the terrorists are coming, America shits itself, gets mad at everybody and attacks Iran and Syria and the few other Mid-East countries that don't allow American child role model Paris Hilton's sex video's on their shelves. He tells them they are free and can now live happily ever after just like the caring, loving, sharing and non-violent United States of America.

Just think what all them Muslims are missing.
Billy G

Anonymous said...

Plan B
They probably planted a nuke somewhere. Most likely a heavily bombed area where no one will return to for several months. They can then detonate the nuke and blame Syria. Saying it was a missle intended for Israel, but mis-fired and landed in Lebanon. This can then be used to justify U.S. support for an all out invasion of Syria and occupation by Israel.

Anonymous said...

Plan A: Could Russia have restrained Syria and Iran? Plan B: Russia and China will never hand over Iran and Syria to the USA. Does Russia give USA enough rope to hang themselves? Just remember the words of President Vladimir Putin on the G8, regarding the massive, unproportionate responce against Lebanon when he said: "There must be a bigger plan behind this!" The 1967 Isreli occupation of Palestine made Hamas strong. The occupation of Lebanon gave birth to Hizbollah, both Hamas and Hizbollah are not classified as Terrorist Organisations in Russia or China! Russia has good relations with Syria and Iran. Just think what would happend if Russia would say one day soon: "An attack against Iran is an attack against Russia!" Take it from an old, wise man, Russia and China will win this geo-political Chess game. Remember that the war in Afghanistan and Iraq gave birth to the SCO and moved Russia and China closer together. An attack against Iran will be an other blunder that will speed up the rise of Russia-China-India even faster. Israel did not know what kind of wapons Hizollah had next door! Does the USA and Israel know what kind of weapons Iran has received from Russia and China or even North Korea? An attack against Iran could very well topple the President of Pakistan and bring them in the war on the side of Iran. It may be Israel that will look like Lebanon after the next war is over and since Israel lives in a sea of Arabs who hate Israel, the outcome I do not wish on them. The fire the USA and Israel high tech bombs ignite may destroy the houses of their enenmies, but the fire of hatred they ignite in the hearts of USA's and Israel's enemies will destroy both Israel and the USA. Out of the ashes will come a new type OAC (Shanghai Co-Operative Organisation) like NATO and/or the EU that will include Pakistan, India, Iran. Iraq, Syria, Lebanon and one day Palestine. Many Asian nations will join as well. Russia, China, India know who their enemies are and time is on their side. A good chess player is always a few moves ahed of his opponent; one does not only by playing well, one wins by the errors of his opponent, and Russia knows how to play chess.

Anonymous said...

Plan C

Asia and Russia , all the oil lands realized long ago how stupid American's really are. They know that the closer the truth to who was behind 911 and the murder of thousands of hard working US citizens, the harder it is for American's to see. They know how stupid, fat and lazy America has become. They know , because they work for pennies a day so you can have more of everything. Not only have you become selfish , but are so dumbed down that you will gladly give up your liberties for a false peace so you can go on doing whatever it is you do. They know your missle system is a fraud, a money hole like most of your bullshit projects, designed to make a few men richer and they know American's will only be too willing to pay for more of them.

But they also know the curse that runs through the Mid-East and any outsiders who try to set up dummy governments , in the end go home with nothing but cups full of sand.
They know America is in Nazi insane "we can take control," mode, but for not. One day America will wake up to all it's war criminals , politicians who swagger and gleem and smirk as they strut the red carpet like some kind of fucked celebraty and the media's who put them their, but it will be too late for you, oh, land of the free.

By then China and Russia will have sent you to 3rd world status where you pieces of inbred ,lazy shit belong.

American has a thing for idiot worship. Yourselves. Plan C , 10 years from now, everybody will be speaking Asain in America.

Anonymous said...


"It's in your nature to destroy yourselves."

SkyNet is almost here.

Billy G

Anonymous said...

Plan B:
Sunk an American ship (it worked for the hispanic-american war 1898, why not now?) and blame Iran for supporting Alquaeda.

American's will rally to nuke Iran off the face of the earth in no time and Cheney will live happily ever after.

0088 said...

The Beast of genuine fascism and terrorism MUST be stopped by any means- through boycotts, ban of dollar, break of any relations with the devilish Jewknitted States of Ungodly Amerikka and Satan ben Zion- by ANY means, ASAP !!!

Anonymous said...

False flag terror attack on Jerusalem Tuesday the 22nd. (See Lewis' article in the WSJ). Then attack Iran and Syria no-holds barred. We'll see....

Dylan Kissane said...

Peter: "A good chess player is always a few moves ahed of his opponent; one does not only by playing well, one wins by the errors of his opponent, and Russia knows how to play chess."

So what was the Cold War then, Pete, some sort of Queen sacrifice? How did that whole 'crushing of the capitalists' thing turn out for the Russkies? Ai ai ai....