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Saturday, August 05, 2006


In 1919 Chaim Wiezmann, later to become head of the World Zionist Organisation, declared that the Litani River in Lebanon was ‘essential to the future of the Jewish national home.’[1] Today the Zionofascist dream of controlling the resources of the Litani River is on the verge of becoming a reality if the Israelis have their way as they invade and occupy southern Lebanon. The importance of Israel having control over the resources of the Litani River when considering Israel’s dream of a Greater Israeli cannot be over-emphasised.[2]

Israel as a nation has a critical water supply and it has been estimated the Latani could supply up to 800 million cubic metres to Israel.[3] Having control of the area south of the river down to Israel’s borders would also consolidate its control over the Golan Heights which currently is the source of some one third of Israel’s water supplies[4] which Israel stole from Syria after the 1967 war and failed to return to Syria – despite UN resolution 242 demanding that the lands be returned to Syria.[5] Control of the southern eastern areas of Lebanon would also give the Israelis control over the Kinneret Basin which is part of the watershed for the waters from the Golan Heights.[6]

Despite the numerous claims from the Zionofascist Israeli government that this war is a response to the capture of Israeli soldiers, (now known to have been a lie since we know that the war was planned weeks BEFORE the soldiers were arrested)[7] and despite their claims that their war is against Hizbollah and not the Lebanese people, (which we also now know to be a lie especially since the Israeli air attacks against obviously civilian infrastructure and even against civilian neighbourhoods in the Christian northern sections of Beirut, areas that prior to the war were home to people that were sympathetic to the Israelis) it is becoming clear that this war is about clandestine occupation of lands that are a part of the Zionofascist dream of a Greater Israel.[8]

Also as part of that Zionofascist dream of a Greater Israel are the Israeli Zionofascist operations that are continuing in the Gaza. The mainstream media seems to have all but forgotten the Israeli destruction and occupation of the Gaza Strip – an occupation aimed at destroying the desire and will of the Palestinians to want to continue living there thus forcing them to leave for either the West Bank or Jordan. But when the two wars in the Gaza and Lebanon are seen together the bigger picture emerges. And as it does, so too are the lies exposed. The Israeli Zionofascist bigger picture, far from wanting to simply have three of their Zionofascist troopers returned, can now be seen for what it really is – an all-or-nothing attempt to grab as big a chunk of their Greater Israel dream as they possibly can and to be able to do this with the planning and cooperation of the US and UK governments and the full help of the American neoconservative and Israeli Lobby and their associates around the world.

The Israelis have attempted a master lie to the world by insisting that the current war has flared spontaneously as a result of certain random events that have somehow culminated in a, from the Israeli point of view, defensive war. As we look back retrospectively to those days – and remember they were only just a few weeks ago – we can now clearly see that this war has nothing whatsoever to do with missing soldiers, and, far from being as a result of random and spontaneous events culminating in a process of escalation, it is abundantly clear that everything that has happened since that day the Israelis lobbed a shell onto the beach on the Gaza killing a Palestinian family and then attempted to blame Hamas for it, has been carefully planned, right down to the last detail, well in advance.

The size and complexity of the current Israeli operations in the Gaza, West Bank and Lebanon, and the policies that the US and the UK have adopted in ‘handling’ the crisis also make it abundantly clear that they have been involved heavily in the planning and logistics of the Israeli all-or-nothing grab for land and their attempt, yet again, to realise their dream of a Greater Israel. The logistics of mounting such an extensive and relentless offensive against the Lebanese alone demonstrates the complicity of the US by virtue of their supply of weapons and fuel to the Israeli’s in order to fulfil their well-planned offensive, all of which shows that this offensive is all about Israeli/US hegemony in the region, the re-establishment and enlargement of a Greater Israel – and has absolutely nothing to do with the capture of three lowly ranked foot-soldiers.

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