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Saturday, August 16, 2014


Neoconservative propagandist Max Boot, writing in the UK magazine Spectator, says:

With more American (and, one hopes, allied) eyes on the ground, it will be possible to call in more air strikes with greater effectiveness, as occurred in Afghanistan during the autumn of 2001. Western commandos such as Seal Team Six, Delta Force and the British and Australian SAS should also expand operations to carry out the kind of intelligence-driven leadership targeting that was an important part of the 2007-2008 surge. (Bold is my emphasis.)

Well, we know there are already American ‘advisors’ on the ground in Iraq and more are on the way, that much we have already been told, but there has been no announcement from any of America’s allies about any UK or Australian special forces being deployed on the ground in Iraq. Australia’s Prime Minister Tony Abbott, however, has offered to send ground forces if asked to.

Max Boot has been around the traps for a very long time and has over the years developed a strong network of US administration and defence department insider sources so, when Boot writes that special forces – including Australian SAS – should expand operations in Iraq, one wonders if Boot hasn’t let the cat out of the bag by inferring that they should expand on the numbers that are already there. Knowing the Abbott government’s propensity not to ‘discuss military operational matters’, one shouldn’t be too surprised to find that Australian SAS units may already be in Iraq.

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