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Friday, July 11, 2014


As missiles and rockets fly from the Gaza Strip ever further into Israel, the Israeli government are seeing support in Israel for action against Hamas increasing. It’s just what the “don’t care what the world thinks” faction of the Israeli extreme right wants to see. It strengthens their argument for calling on Netanyahu to launch a full-on invasion of the Gaza Strip and the West Bank in order to wipe out Hamas completely.

Netanyahu, however, remains reluctant to go the full distance just yet, fearful of world opinion and a continuing lack of support for such a move from both Europe and the US. While the US supports “Israel’s right to defend itself”, Obama has offered his team to act as broker for a ceasefire to deescalate the tit-for-tat and grossly disproportionate bombings. However, Obama is very unlikely to support a full-scale invasion of either of the territories.

The Western media who largely support Israel’s stance by insisting that Israel is defending itself against Palestinian rockets being fired into Israel have almost entirely ignored the fact that the Palestinians have actually been firing rockets into Israel as a response to Israeli random sniper shootings of Palestinians in the Gaza Strip and more recently in the West Bank. This round of the conflict – like all previous wars between the Palestinians and the Israelis – is not Israel defending itself against rocket attacks from the Palestinians, but the Palestinians defending themselves against Israeli persecution, aggression and occupation with whatever weapons they have.

For years the Israelis had got away with presenting themselves to the world as victims of Palestinian aggression when in fact it has been – and still is – the Palestinians that have been the victims of Israeli suppression and ethnic cleansing.

Despite the pro-Israeli Western media’s best propaganda efforts, the West is slowly waking up to the reality of what is really going on between the Israelis and the Palestinians. Provocation has been the name of the Israelis game – followed by loud claims of being the victim when the Palestinians fight back.

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