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Sunday, September 23, 2012


Any strike against Iran by Israel cannot possibly be ‘unilateral’. All talk of such a strike should be treated with the contempt it deserves because it does not reflect reality in any way.

There are four necessities that Israel must have in order to be able to launch a first strike against Iran – and all four can only be provided to them by the US. They are: first, fuel. Israel gets all its military fuel from the US. This includes literally millions of litres of JP-8 military jet fuel, millions of litres of gasoline and millions of litres of diesel fuel for its ground forces for use in invading and occupying south Lebanon, the Gaza Strip and the West Bank in order to prevent, so the Israelis will tell the world, retaliatory strikes by Hezbollah, Hamas and other jihadist groups. Second, the Israelis will need special bunker-busting munitions that only the US can supply. Third, despite Israel’s own well resourced intelligence organisations, the facilities offered by US intelligence would be essential for the logistics of an Israel first strike to be anywhere near successful. And, finally, the Israelis will need the full might of the US to prevent an Iran-launched counter attack against Israel and to go on to effect regime change in Iran.

An Israeli first strike against Iran, far from being a spontaneous knee-jerk response to a so-called ‘existential threat’ from Iran, will be a carefully and jointly premeditated attack that has been months, if not years, in the planning and will be executed with utter precision down to the very last detail.

Everything is now in place. An armada of battleships and carrier groups are assembled and ready for action. The propaganda machine is operating at full belch. It’s just a matter of when from now on.

No matter what happens, however, one can rest assured that any Israeli attack on Iran will not be ‘unilateral’. 


Anonymous said...

Nice theory, but completely wrong. Israel is a nuclear armed nation. They have two options: 1) nuke Iran. 2) use nuclear weapons to create an EMP effect and wipe out Iran from the grid. Iran would be set back 10-20 years in either case. The US is not needed.

Damian Lataan said...

Not even Israel is dumb enough to use nuclear weapons.

Besides, Israel is not interested in destroying Iran; it is interested only in creating an excuse to attack Hezbollah, Hamas and other jihadi groups in order to invade and occupy south Lebanon, the Gaza Strip and the West Bank.

It will leave it to the Americans to create the regime change they really seek in Iran.

Anonymous said...

The yanks and israeli's have been caught flat footed (again) by the recent protests in dozens of nations ostensibly over the 'innocence of muslims' film.

Now Israel and the yanks in particular are paralysed by the realisation of what the implications would be of either of these bloody countries attacked Iran.
Even the accursed 'The Australian' newspaper here ran a story I read today (Monday 24th) of the repercussions for treaties (Egypt & Jordan with Israel) if Iran is attacked.
Of course the 'intelligence' on a suppsed Iranina atom bomb is from the same drongos who told us a decade ago about Iraq's supposed WMD's and we all know where that lead.....

I liken the global protests in recent weeks to the kind of uprisings the British experienced post WW2 such that London realised that the empire game was over and it began a swift process of decolonialisation starting in the late '60's and containing for the next 20 years (accelerated by the Suez fiasco of '56 of course).
Similarly the American empire is now breaking up as the yanks realised they are universally hated (except by their compradors like Bob Carr, Gillard and Abbott etc) and they can never suppress the populations who take matters into their own hands and overthrow the yank backed dictators and client states.
Insurgency is impossible to defeat as Iraq and Afghanistan has demonstrated over the past decade and as he British found to its dismay in the decolonial era (remember the Indonesian confrontation in the '60's? for example).
I welcome the end of the American empire and its delusional hypocracy masquerading as a 'force for good' while imposing its own exploitative tyranny across the globe.
I recently spoke to an Italian mate who reminded me about 'Operation Gladio' in the cold war- CIA & MI-6 state sponsored terrorism in western Europe in that era.
Deplorable and so I say good riddance to the yanks.

Nylon Short