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Friday, August 03, 2012


While Israel’s Benjamin Netanyahu has been champing at the bit to attack Iran, the US and its allies have been demanding that sanctions and diplomacy be given a chance to work before any decision is taken to attack Iran to halt its so-called ‘nuclear weapons program’.

Or, at least, that’s the impression that Israel and the US want to present to the world. The reality, however, is vastly different.

All that Israel and the US are waiting for now is, not for the sanctions to work, but for the 6 November Presidential elections to be over and done with. Until then, both Israel and the US need to continue the façade of ‘waiting for the sanctions to work’.

The recent spate of visits by powerful US figureheads, the Republican candidate Mitt Romney and US defence Secretary Leon Panetta, have been to perpetuate the illusion that it is the US that are holding back Israel from launching a ‘unilateral’ attack against Iran’s ‘nuclear weapons program’. While Romney has said that, if he becomes president, he will support an Israeli ‘unilateral’ attack, Panetta is continuing with the administrations stance of insisting that ‘sanctions’ be given a chance to work. But it’s not the sanctions Obama and Romney are interested in seeing work; it’s the care both are taking not to commit the US people to yet another war that is clearly for Israel that bothers them most.

No matter who wins the election, the final confrontation against Iran will begin. And, to continue the façade of Israel finally not being able to restrain itself any longer, it will launch the initial strike against Iran’s nuclear facilities ‘unilaterally’ and then immediately withdraw leaving the US to bomb the Iranians into regime change while the Israelis take on Hezbollah and Hamas closer to home in an effort to finish them off once and for all and providing them with an excuse to occupy the West Bank, the Gaza Strip and south Lebanon with a view ultimately of annexing these places to form what will become Greater Israel.

It should be made perfectly clear; when Israel strikes Iran, there will be absolutely nothing ‘unilateral’ about.