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Thursday, January 12, 2012


Israel is so desperate to convince the world that any attack it launches against Iran will be because of its ‘nuclear weapons program’ that it has resorted to a program of murdering Iran’s nuclear scientists in order to bring world public opinion on side to support such an attack.

Yesterday, another of Iran’s top nuclear scientists was murdered by Israel’s Mossad via the use of a magnetic bomb attached to the door of the car the scientist, 32 year old Mostafa Ahmadi Roshan, was travelling in. Roshan is the fifth Iranian scientist since 2007 to be murdered by Israeli terrorists.

Prior to this latest series of murders, (Israel had murdered Egyptian nuclear scientists in the past when Egypt was beginning to develop a nuclear program), Israel and her allies in the West were relying on intense propaganda to convince the West to support an attack against Iran. However, over the last few years, particularly since the US National Intelligence Estimate (NIE) of 2007 assessed that Iran had abandoned it’s nuclear weapons program in 2003, the people of the world aren’t quite so convinced that Iran has any ‘nuclear weapons program’. Subsequent reports from both the US’s NIE’s and the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), while stating that Iran is likely to have a ‘nuclear weapons program’, have not been able to produce any actual hard evidence of such a program. All of the NIE’s and IAEA reports since 2007 to date have been based purely on supposition and reports from dissidents and defectors and highly suspect circumstantial evidence.

Israel’s hope is that it will be able to convince the West to attack Iran because of its ‘nuclear weapons program’. Israel knows full well, however, that simply attacking Iran’s nuclear facilities is only likely to delay Iran’s nuclear program – weapon or otherwise – and that the real motive behind such an attack is not so much to destroy Iran’s ‘nuclear weapons program’ but to bring about regime change by destroying Iran’s defence forces and government institutions to the point where the Iranian government is forced to capitulate to Western demands for regime change.

Any attack against Iran will be accompanied by an Israeli attack against Hamas in the Gaza Strip and Hezbollah in Lebanon – and this, of course, is the real motivation for war against Iran.

Israel will go to any lengths to eventually see the fulfillment of their dream of a Greater Israel, a dream that can only be realised without Hezbollah and Hamas to resist them. And to rid themselves of Hamas and Hezbollah, Israel must eliminate Iran’s support of the two Arab organisations.


apeman2502 said...

Israel has to resort to murder to embellish their ONLY point.

Anonymous said...

Yes, these dirty murders are a sign of desparation but in truth are obnoxious to most outsiders such that they are resulting in hobbling the pro war anti iran bandwagon.
Another self inflicted wound by these fools.
I also predict that the U.S marines desecration of the dead men in Afghanistan
(how do we know they were so called 'Taliban' and even worse in terms of implications, innocent civilians I ask?), will aslo remind a lot of people of just how casually brutal and uncivilised Americans and their soldiers really are.
We in the public only get to see a tiny fraction of what is widely seen as common abused by Americans in particular as most people tacitly suspect this is the truth.

Like their increasing strident boasts on their supposed prowess, which masks a more enfeebled truth in truth, the American solider is very over rated, relying more on propaganda than actual capability most people think.
I've mates in the Army here and private chats with them reveal disdain for Americans and their soldiers, which for enforced political and un-natural association from Canberra, if given the choice our soliders wouldn't give the yanks the time of day, much less co-operate with them.

Just wait until the U.S marines get to Darwin etc with inevitable outrages inflicted on the public there, just like in Okinawa etc.

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