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Wednesday, March 23, 2011


An article in today’s Weekly Standard, written by neocons Gary Schmitt and Thomas Donnelly, declares in its very first sentence that:

The crisis in Libya provides a useful reminder that the world’s demand for American power is rising.

They clearly haven’t been paying attention to what the world is actually saying – especially in the light of the Libyan crisis. Even Barack Obama is getting the message loud and clear which is effectively, ‘If you can’t do anything in the Middle East without some kind of ulterior motive attached to it, then butt out altogether and let the Arab peoples be the masters of their own destiny’.

The neocons seem to think that the international call to help avert a bloodbath in Libya was an open invitation for America to ‘intervene’ in every Arab state in the Middle East and North Africa by using American power to depose all the leaders that the US didn’t like or deemed a threat to the US and/or Israel. The neocons still think that the UN resolution was a mandate from the international community to effect ‘regime change’ in Libya. Schmitt and Donnelly write:

The administration has also created a credible international coalition. The proof of the effort, however, will be in the willingness and ability to use force to remove Muammar Qaddafi from power.

America’s actions so far in Libya, far from creating ‘a demand for American power’ as the neocons delusionally believe, has created a demand from the rest of the world for America to curb its power and keep out of other peoples business. Humanitarian intervention is one thing, but to abuse ones power to attempt regime change because it suits your foreign policy agenda is something else again.

Next thing you know the neocons will be screaming that ‘the world demands that Iran should be next’.

How delusional can they get?

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